Go Find Your Pearls

Yesterday I went to a beauty salon, and while my hair was being hair-dried, the hairstylist blurted, “Oh, you have such thick and beautiful hair.” “So what?” I thought. Every time I go to a salon, I almost always get the same saying. It’s not a special thing for me. I don’t do any special or expensive hair treatment. I do creambath rarely. Sometimes I even wish I had not-so-thick hair.

The hair-drying took so long to finish. I got bored, my cell’s battery was dying, and there wasn’t any something-to-read in that place. So I just sat there, watching him take care of my hair. He repeated his compliment and I began to think, “Really?” Then I remembered one of my friends who has thin hair – she has to curl her hair everyday to make it nice-looking, another one has unhealthy hair – how she desperately does hair treatments, etc etc. I imagined how they would be grateful to have hair like mine. For which I am not grateful myself.

At the very time, I suddenly felt bad. How could I not be grateful for something I have – which other person would die for? This – my hair – maybe something unspecial and unimportant to me, but who knows with the others? I wasn’t  bragging myself. I just felt bad.

I realized that we all have things others are jealous with. For me, maybe it’s hair. For you, maybe it’s beauty. Or even kindness. We all have our own “pearls”. Maybe the pearls are still in their clams, but they are there, waiting to be found, by you or by the others.
Maybe sometimes we feel we have nothing good, we are ugly, we are stupid, we are useless; but I bet you: it’s wrong. You just have to find the good side of yourselves. It doesn’t have to be now. Perhaps, as time goes by, you’ll realize that you have them. And you’ll find someone who cares enough to remind you that you are special in your very own way. Yes, you’re priceless.


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