When I Saw You

We’re on rainy December, and we’re laughin’
Waiting for the New Year’s Eve
We made a plan, going where and when, on the holiday
We’re so close and happy together

And then I saw you
Through the window, across the road
Standing there, lookin’ at your watch
Books on a hand, apples on the other

Then, it just happened like that
I forgot everything about the others
The rainy December just faded away
And there you were, starting to fill my head

When I saw you
Everything means nothing
‘Cause you turned my world upside-down
And you became my everything

Oh, boy, why are you so unavoidable?
The smile on your face, made my head’s spinning around
It’s just like getting punched, only better
And you know, I didn’t mind it at all

When I saw you
I dreamed ‘bout you all the time
I couldn’t even think
About what I should tell him now

I laughed to myself, thinking ‘bout us
And we were holding hands
Went to the beach, to the mountain, to the desert
Everything seemed wonderful with you

Oh, boy, don’t you ever think this is so strange?
We were three, and we were playing hide-and-seek
Don’t you ever think that we’re making two sinners?
But if it’s with you, I’m going to hell

And when I saw you
I knew something had changed
You’re the one who makes me believe
That I could stay in one love, and that’s you

When I saw you
Nothing can turn me down anymore
Yeah, we’re going to hell
‘Cause with you, hell is heaven now.


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