Doctor By Heart (a tribute to the four doctors who died in the boat accident in Arafuru Sea, January 2009)

Being a good doctor
Don’t have to cure a hundred diseases
Don’t have to find a thousand medicines
Don’t have to carry thick books everywhere

Being a great doctor
Don’t have to have your own hospital
Don’t have to give a speech every month
Don’t have to be awarded a Nobel Prize

Being a good doctor
Just care every single person who needs
Just lend a hand when it needed
Just smile with all your heart

Being a great doctor
Just care a little bit about yourself
Just try to save people’s life with all your best effort
Even if you have to die because of that

Because by every care you give, you give more than medicine
Because by every help you do, you do more than the greatest discovery
Because by every smile you make, you heal people’s heart
And by every soul you save, you save the entire world.


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