Don’t Say The Love

I miss you so but I know I shouldn’t
Coz I’m not the one for you
This feeling is killing me slowly
But I still don’t wanna lose you

So please tell me what to do, dear
Coz I really don’t know what to do
I know this is wrong, oh, be sure I know
But I still can’t let you go

If only you knew what I feel
Coz I’m on my way down to hell now
I’m hurting someone and I don’t know how to stop
And I’m going to hell for that

Honestly I really want you to save me
But I know I shouldn’t ask for that
Coz you’re not mine yet, and it hurts me a lot
So just leave me alone in here, all alone

Coz I already knew
Back when I said ‘yes’
That something like this would happen someday
But I never knew it would hurt me this much

And I realize you’re not a ‘just another guy’ anymore
You fill my days and make me loved
And now, when I have to let you go
I find that I couldn’t, and it hurts

I’m dying for your love
Maybe it’s alright
Coz you worth it, dear
You know you worth it

So please just leave me here alone
And let me deal with my minds
Coz my heart will always miss you
So let me just kill my heart anyway

Don’t say you love me again
Coz you’ll heal my broken heart
Only to break it again someday
And my life will be worse

And I know it’s not your fault
Coz love is never wrong, they said
It’s only the way we do our love
Which is wrong, and it’s killing me right now

I love you, and it’ll never change
But true love willingly to let go, doesn’t it?
So maybe mine isn’t a true love anyway
Coz it hurts me to see you go

I love you so, I miss you so
But I’ll never ask you to stay for me
So good bye, my dear, good bye
And remember that I ever loved you, once in your past.


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