Hey, what have you done to me?
After all this time
All sweet promises and promising kindness
You’ve broken my heart

Again, someone did this to me
After I swore not to fall in love again
And lose my faith in hope
Yeah, you’ve broken my heart again

I want to run to the end of the world
And staying there, hugging my knee
Hiding from the world, not seeing any people I know
‘Cause I’ve broken my heart

I’m feeling so alone
With no one to share with
‘Cause I’ve broken my heart again
And nobody knows

Aren’t I their super girl?
Who dares to dare love, and to tempt fate?
And there’s no way to hurt me
‘Cause I’m their super girl

And after all this time
You’ve made me change my mind
About you, about us, about love
And then, you’re just gone

I got wrinkles, my hair turns grey
But I’m still here, watching you
Get out of that door
Walking out of my life
How did you do this to me?
After I swore not to love again
You came, and kissed me through the wind
And when I opened my eyes, you’ve gone

I’m stuck in the moment
Time flows, but I’m still here
As you get out of that door
And walking out of my life.


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