The First Day

(This is the note I wrote at October 10, 2010 – the first day of my internship at hospital.)

This was the very first day I had in my internship. Not very unforgettable, but at least it was memorable. I left my home at 6.00 in the morning, sleepy but excited. It took me about half an hour to go to “my” hospital, so I used the time, as usual, for morning-dreaming.

I was so excited I was surprised myself. Everybody told me that internship would be a hard time, and I do believe it. I was just – excited.

I didn’t know what it’s going to be – yet. Oh yeah, I felt a little bit scared, too. But the excitement beat them all, and elated my mood. It’s all (only) because it’s my first day.

I think it’s good if sometimes, when we get bored of our daily routines, maybe we should make it “our first time” again. Think of it as something new, something full of mystery, something we haven’t experienced yet. Thus, maybe we can get another point of view, and another “fresh” feeling.

Enjoy everything you do. Life is too short to be wasted in boredom, regret, hatred, and being in bed. Take it as a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! 😀


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