Untitled 2 (Broken Heart)

I wanna cry but I can’t find my tears
I’m faking my smile so no one would know
That the smile on my lips doesn’t reach my eyes
Because I really feel low right now

The stone inside my heart is still there
And I begin to feel sick of this, I don’t want it anymore
Why can’t people see me here?
I’m standing alone, waiting for someone that probably will never come

I wanna cry but I shouldn’t
‘Cause I will not let you see me crying
Because for you, I’m surprisingly perfect
Although I know it means nothing

I really hope for something
Maybe it’s better if I had no feeling
So my heart won’t be broken again
And I will feel no more pain

Every night I will imagine something perfect
That you will be there, waiting for me
This is my little private secret
So I hope you don’t tell anyone else

Sometimes I look back at my life
It’s so sad that you can laugh at it
But I will always smile
No matter what it is in my heart

Because for you, I’m perfect enough
And I think, maybe it’s enough
Even my heart is not happy enough
But I know for you it’s already enough.


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