You, My Symptomatic Love

Having you near
Doesn’t make me fear
That you maybe go away
And take my heart away

‘Cause baby, you own none of my feeling
And I don’t mind if you’re lying
That I am your princess
The one that make you breathless

The kisses that we shared
Didn’t you realize I have my eyes closed?
‘Cause the sweet kisses on our lips
Couldn’t replace the ones I hid

I cannot deny it – you’re great
You make me skip a heartbeat
And whenever I’m down
You come and take the bad as your own

But baby, can’t you see it?
You’re not the one that’s worth it
Everything you do, whatever you be
Can’t take away the perfection he used to be

The smile on his lips
Lovely sound of his laughs
Will forever be mine
Leaving no more extra space

The sparkling of his ocean eyes
And the warmth in his arms
Forever, forever in my heart
There’s no more chance for you, my dear.


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