A Note From An Un-Makeuped Girl

“Our face is a lifetime asset.” A woman said. She’s a young and modern woman, with make-up-ed face and perfectly treated hair. Her appearance was good, and every five seconds or so she looked at the mirror and fixed her hair.

When I heard such sentence, I felt sorry for her. It came to my mind that she must be a make-up addict, who spends lots of money only to do facial-lifts, vitamin C injections, plastic surgeries, and buy more make-ups.

I thank God I am not like that. Maybe I am just another ugly girl who’s trying to find some reasons, but I really don’t want to be such woman.  Yes, I sometimes wear make-up, I am very afraid to gain weight, and I like beautiful clothes. But I know that there’s something over outer beauty.

Then I tried to picture, how if I had been such woman. I would visit a beautician every month (or even every week!), I would spend hours in front of mirror, and – of course – I would be very worried of what people think about my look! I would be afraid to go out without make-up, I would be jealous of every prettier girl I met, and, because I would be very appearance-oriented, I would never be thankful and satisfied for my other gifts from God!

I would hate every wrinkle that comes with age, I would fear any delicious-but-weightgaining food, and maybe I would even be scared to look myself in the mirror someday! Oh God, I am so thankful I am sane enough to realize that there are lots of things that count more than outer beauty.

Well, I can’t deny that outer beauty is also important – every woman wants and deserves to be beautiful (and every woman is beautiful indeed!). Some people will vote for outer beauty – it’s their right; I cannot blame them. But in my list, outer beauty is not on the top. It’s not my style. I still have a lot of things to do: reading, listening to music, writing, playing game, hanging out with my family and friends, studying, etc. As time goes by, I just want to – age gracefully. I will not want to trick people, play with age, and challenge the time. I will live my life happily, not because of the make-ups and surgeries, but mostly because of family and friends around me.

When I am old, I want people to look at me, in my natural look, and they will say, “You look beautiful in that wrinkles.” 🙂 And yes, I will look beautiful because my wrinkles will come from lots of smiles and laughter, naturally.

Naturally. We cannot turn back time; anything we do won’t prevent us from aging. And instead of trying to trick myself in the mirror, I’d prefer to just let it flow, naturally, while enjoying my life to the fullest. Because if we are happy with ourselves, age is just a damn number! 🙂


One thought on “A Note From An Un-Makeuped Girl

  1. Someday, we can meet each other just to do what we want.. Ignore about how do we look.. We will laughing if we remember, how do we look in the past.. We love our life.. Like now..


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