What If

Hey, you
Don’t you realize that I’m in love with you?
After all this time, how can’t you feel it?
The moment when we’re together; the look in my eyes

It feels so right to be near you
I have loved before, and I know the difference
That’s why I dare to say
You’re the one I’m destined to be with

So stop using your logic
And let your heart decide for once
You see; you will find it soon
That I am made for you, and you for me

I am here now
But I won’t be here forever
Life is hard; our journey is still waiting
But if it’s for you, I’ll take the chance

But what if
I won’t be here tomorrow?
Will you miss me?
Will you regret for not taking the chance?

What if
Someday you turn back
And don’t find me there?
‘Cause I’ve continued my path, alone

Because I can’t go on without you
But you can’t go on with me
So what other option do I have,
Than to let you go?

What if
I am finally tired of waiting
And give up my chance to be with you?
Won’t you mind? Or, will you even notice?

Maybe someday I will find someone
Who loves me enough to stay;
The one whom I can’t give my heart to
Because I have given it to you, only you

So, what if
We forget all about the “what if”s
Just take me with you
And forever the love will last.


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