What Makes It So Special About Christmas

I’m staring at the winter snow outside my window
The Jack O’Frost doesn’t smile at me; I forgot to put his lips
And it’s like there’s something wrong about this Christmas
Don’t know yet; I’m trying to figure out what it is

I’m going downstairs, to check my Christmas presents
So many beneath the Christmas tree near the fireplace
Yet, I still feel there’s something wrong about this Christmas
And I’m starting to see what the thing is

Christmas songs are being played on the radio
And I finally know what’s wrong about this Christmas
It’s you, babe, oh yeah, it’s simply you
Because this Christmas you aren’t here with me

Even the Christmas tree isn’t as bright as usual
‘Cause you’re the one that somehow complete it all
And opening my Christmas presents wouldn’t be as fun
‘Cause you’re not the one that help me with it

So I’m just listening to the Christmas songs on the radio
Dancing alone in the family room, ‘cause you’re not here with me
I put a smile on the snowman’s lips; but still, it doesn’t fix it all
Because it’s you, babe, it’s simply you that I need

So, I think I know what I should ask for to Santa this year
And I wish you know that it is you, babe
Because what makes it so special about Christmas
For me, is simply you.


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