An Unfinished Tale Of A Little Girl

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl in a castle that she built herself. She lived there with a wise called “The Brain” and a cheerful called “The Smiling Lips”. They lived together happily, helping each other; they didn’t need anyone else but themselves.

One day, a guy saw the little girl and wanted to know more about her. Therefore, he went to the castle, intending to introduce himself to the little girl who owned the castle. Once he arrived at the front of the castle, he found that the castle had no door. So, he knocked and said,
“Greetings to you, Little Girl. I am a guy who happens to stop by and then I saw you, and I want to know you. Would you please let me in?”
The Brain abruptly said, “No! Do not let him in! Do not let anyone in!”
“But why?” the little girl asked.
“Because you wouldn’t be safe once you let anyone but us in.”
“How come I wouldn’t be safe? He just wanted to know about me.”
“Trust me,” The Brain said, “it is not safe for any of us. Once you let anyone in, other people would want to get in too. And you will have no idea how to tell good people from those who only want to hurt you. It will dull your instinct and make me weaker. You are not that stupid to take that risk, are you?”

And for the first time in her life, the little girl felt it was not enough for her to have only The Brain and The Smiling Lips with her. For the first time in her life, she wanted anyone else to be in her world, too. For the first time, The Brain and The Smiling Lips were not enough. And for the first time, she felt so lonely.

So she sat down in a corner and hugged her knees helplessly. She wanted to tell The Brain that he was wrong, but she could not find any good arguments to deal with it. The Brain was too smart, and his logical thinking was undefeatable. She was not as clever as The Brain, and all the time she had seen that The Brain was always right. No one had ever proven him wrong.

Seeing her sad, The Smiling Lips came.
“The Brain is right, my dear. We need nothing but ourselves. Look here, we have The Brain to protect us from those who want to hurt us, and I am here to show the world that we are alright all by ourselves. What else would you need? We have all the things everyone craves for.”
“And what do I do?” asked the little girl.
“You, my dear, were the one who built this doorless castle for all of us,” The Smiling Lips smiled cheerfully.
The little girl stared blankly. The Smiling Lips was right. It was her who built this doorless castle. She built it long ago, to protect her from other people who wanted to hurt her, who had succeeded in hurting her. She had wanted a shelter, a safe place where she could be whatever she wanted to be, to be what she really was, without other people mocking or rejecting her. That was when The Brain came.
“I will protect you,” The Brain had said, “no matter what; I will not let anyone hurt you anymore from now on. You just have to trust me, listen to what I say, and do as I suggest.” And The Brain had kept his promise. He had protected her since then, so that no one could get into the castle and hurt her, in any way.

Much later, came The Smiling Lips. The Smiling Lips was there to make her comfortable, to put the smile on her lips so she could show the world that she was just alright. Because, somehow, she didn’t feel so alright. She’d never been hurt again, indeed, but she started to feel numbness, she began to lose her sensation to all feelings she had ever felt before. She barely felt anything. So The Smiling Lips was there to make her felt that she could still be happy in her castle. Every time a stranger approached and tried to look if she was alright, she always hid behind The Smiling Lips. Therefore all the strangers would think that she was okay, that she needed nothing anymore, that she had been contented in her solitude. But she was not.

The little girl got up and walked to the castle wall, where the stranger guy stood on the other side.
“I am sorry, Stranger, but I am told that I cannot let you in,” she whispered through the wall.
“But why?”
“Because I am afraid you will hurt us.”
“But I will not, I promise.”
“Promises are easier made than kept.” The Brain cut icily. “Do not take the chance, my dear little girl. You had spent a lot of time building those walls; do not let anyone destroy them in a second.”
“We have been alright all by ourselves, dear, why taking the risk by letting anyone in?” The Smiling Lips said.
The little girl felt a lump in her throat. It had been a long time since she last cried. She had sworn that she would never cry again, back when she began to build her own castle.
“I am sorry, Stranger, I am so sorry,” she could hardly recognize her own voice.
“Please, can’t you just open the door and let me in? I swear I will not hurt you,”
“I can’t,” she cried, “the castle has no door.”
“Oh, dear Little Girl, why would you build a castle which has no door? What if someday you want to go out?”
“I don’t know,” tears were falling down her cheeks, “I have lost the key a long time ago, and I don’t know how to open this, nor how to get out from this place.”
She sobbed, and then added, “Please, save me,”

The stranger guy felt touched. He really wanted to help the little girl, to break down the walls and save her, take her out and make her happy, but he didn’t know how.
Instead, he rested his forehead on the walls and whispered through them, “Be safe, Little Girl. Do not be afraid. I will be here for you. I will not hurt you. Maybe I cannot go in now, but I will find a way. I will never leave. I will stay, and I will always be here for you.”
And he sat down there, on the other side of the castle walls, praying for a miracle that would break down the walls that separated him from his little girl.

The little girl cried in silence, and sat down too. She had no idea what to do, but she was very glad that the stranger stayed, that she would not be alone anymore, even though there was a wall between them.
“Do not hope too much, dear. There is no possibility to break the wall; he will be bored and he will leave you, sooner or later,” said The Brain.
The Smiling Lips said nothing, but the little girl knew that she would always be there for her, too.

Therefore, this tale could never be ended. The little girl and the stranger guy were still sitting there, back by back, separated by a thick wall, waiting for a time when the walls would be torn down, waiting for a time when they would meet, waiting for a time which would probably never arrive.


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