A Note For You (Again)

When you fall in love with someone, you just know it simply
You don’t need any reason about why and how, you simply fall
You won’t care whether they’re handsome or pretty, smart or dumb, angel or wicked
Not because “Love is blind”, but because you don’t care
They may be ugly, dumb, fat, etc, but they have something in them that makes you love them, despite all the imperfection you found in them
You simply see through them, and you find something precious among the bad things, something that, somehow, makes you comfortable for just being who you are

And when the time comes, make sure you tell them that you love them
Tell them before the time goes
Tell them as you still have time to
Tell them and never regret for never telling them in the first place
Love comes and goes, time flows
Who knows who your true love would be?
But, if given chance, why would you waste your time keep guessing and holding back?
Because, again, who knows?

Despite all fear of being rejected
Despite all pride of embarrassing yourself
Just tell them
Because love is never wrong, and bitter truth is better than sweet lie
So here I am, saying “I love you”
Knowing that you wouldn’t read this
Thus, I wouldn’t know what the answer to my confession
But I guess this is worth trying, isn’t it?


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