That Kind Of Love

For the last few years I have been taking clerkship program in some teaching hospitals. We deal with patients etc, like real doctors. Sometimes the patients are children, accompanied by their parents. Sometimes the children only get mild diseases like cold, influenza, etc; and sometimes they get more complicated things like cancer or congenital abnormalities, etc. What never ceases to amaze me is, no matter how severe the disease is, no matter how ugly their kids have become, or how wrecked the condition is, there is one thing that never change: the love in the parents’ eyes. I’ve found that no matter what, the look on the parents’ eyes is always of love and pride towards their children. No matter what. Even if their children don’t recognize them anymore. Even if the condition is very bad and we have told them that there is no hope anymore. The look never changes.

It is very nice to know that there is still such thing in the world, not to mention that I am among those who get a chance to witness, and to recognize such kind of love. I guess it’s what we called an “unconditional love”. I am always happy whenever I see such parents-children relationship; I often find myself smiling unconsciously when I look at them. Many times, they lighten up my mood and make my day. It’s a simple, unnoticeable thing that keeps my faith in humanity. It’s there, and it’ll always be there.


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