One Day In A Bus

One day in a bus; it was just an another ordinary day in my life
I sat on one of the back seat, when a group of elementary students got in
Some of them were playing games, some were simply chatting
Totally unaware about other people around them

I sat on one of the back seat and listened to them
Some were bragging their game progress to their friends
Some were chatting about the hard exam they were going to take
And some, were simply listening to their iPod and enjoying themselves

Oh, how I missed those moments,
When the hardest challenge was to finish the game you’re playing
When the most worrying thing to think about was the next week exam
And when every other person was just another person we could ignore

I recalled when I was at their age
Playing Barbie doll, wishing that I would grow up very, very soon
So that I could buy beautiful dresses
And other would treat me as an adult

I sat on one of the back seat and thought,
How wrong I was!
It’s not that growing up is a bad thing
I just missed those happy moments

It’s not that being an adult sucks that much
It’s just nice that being a kid means less things to worry about
When we thought that everyone was a kind person
And every fairytale had a chance to be real

But time goes on; being old is natural
The only choice we’ve got is staying a child at heart
So there I sat on one of the back seat and thinking
About how I missed those innocent moments!


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