What do you tell a person who fakes his/her loneliness as solitude?
I guess “I will be there” will not do
Will you tell me, since I have no clue
How can I make this through?

Do you mind stopping by just to say hi?
Because it’s so lonely and I need you now
I don’t cry; I have no tears left to cry
And calling you is just the only way I know

Have I ever crossed your mind?
Or is it just me who being blind?
For whenever I recall memories we left behind
I always feel my heartbeats go wild

So come to my window and knock
I promise I will be waiting for you
I’d be awake, staring at the clock
Secretly wishing that you will come true

You are my Prince Charming, my horse-riding knight
Who will save me from the evil dragon
Only to disappear once the clock hits midnight
And just leave me memories to go on.


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