Drunk Confession

Since I met you, things have changed
Days have been brighter, never felt this way before
I finally have something to wait for
You put that smile on my lips

My friend asked who you are;
Where you’re from; what you look like
The one who brought back the light in my life
So how could I tell them I don’t know?

That I don’t know where you are
And I haven’t even ever seen your face?
Even though I feel like I’ve known you all my life
How could I?

They say we drink to forget
But I’m drunk and I still miss you

I have reached the point where I don’t care about anything
About who you really are or where you are from or what you look like
Because all I need is you by my side
Because I so want you in my life

So this is my drunk confession

i love you
i love you so much that it hurts
right when i thought im incapable of loving anyone
i love you

Give me a glass or two
I swear I would forget you
And if being drunk is all it takes
You bet, I will

i hate you
i hate you for leaving me
i hate you for being scared of loving me
i hate you for being such a coward and left
i hate you
i hate you

I took another shot
It’s getting harder to think
Can’t even read what I wrote
Do you finally hate me?

but i want you back
it hurts to admit
i still want you in my life
im moving on
but i still want you

See, I even write you a love letter
Don’t you like it?
Trying to get you off my mind
Getting sick and all I want is you

It’s late midnight and I’ve been drinking some
Hate to admit that I still miss you…


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