Some of My Words :)

So, this is my 100th post; never thought I would reach this point! 😀

Here are some of my words, my “little wisdom”, taken from my trash-talking on Twitter or Facebook, or quoted from my writings (I put the sources there). These are the kind of words that randomly pop up in my head when my mind goes wandering around in the most unexpected times. 🙂

As usual, I put them in alphabetical order.

  1. #IWantSomebodyThat has already seen a lot of beauty, yet chooses to stand by me.
  2. (1) He hasn’t known you but already accepted you. (2) He has already known you and still wants you. Which one is better?
  3. “…mereka tidak gila, hanya saja mereka lebih jujur daripada kita dalam mengungkapkan isi hati dan pikirannya…: (tentang pasien-pasien RSJ Dadi)
  4. “Aku melepaskan segalanya; dan di atas segalanya, itulah aku.”
  5. “And if I scare you away, will you run from me?”
  6. “Bukankah justru hal-hal kecil yang membuat kita jatuh cinta pada seseorang?”
  7. “Finding you is like coming home after long time wandering around…” (Soul Mate)
  8. “How are you?” | “I’m fine.” | “It’s April 1.” | “Yeah.” | “So?” | “I’m fine.” 🙂
  9. “I don’t want you to be happy with anyone else but me. I want you to need me as much as I need you, even more.” (Richard Parker [on progress])
  10. “I know what I want and I want an Alpha male.” “All my men are the alpha males.” B-)
  11. “I love you” is just three words, but it means the world.
  12. “I miss you so much that it hurts, I missed you so bad it surprised me. It’s weird to finally realize that I’ve fallen, because all this time I never thought I was capable of such things. Because I knew it would be hurt that I always found a logical reason not to fall in love with anyone. And then you came, and made me admit that you’re worth a try; you made me wanna try again.”
  13. “I never believed in soul mates. Then you came, and broke all my theories about love.” (Soul Mate)
  14. “I’ve missed you more than I thought I’m capable of.” (A Summer Love)
  15. “In the end, I found that what scares me the most is to leave you. The thought of leaving you scares the shit out of me.” (Friends With Benefits)
  16. “Kalau kita bisa melakukan satu saja kebaikan pada satu orang setiap hari, kenapa tidak?”
  17. “Meskipun kita sadar bahwa mungkin saja kau lebih baik daripada wanita yang aku cintai, dan mungkin saja aku lebih baik daripada pria yang kau cintai, namun apakah hal itu penting? Karena cinta tidak menuntut kesempurnaan, tidak menuntut orang yang terbaik dari semua orang. Cinta itu begitu – bagaimana kita menyebutnya – begitu sederhana, sehingga ketika kita berusaha memahaminya dengan pemikiran manusia kita yang rumit, kita tidak akan mampu.” (Epilog)
  18. “Never mind, I’ll find someone like you.” « That’s stupid. There’ll be no one like you; you’re all I want.
  19. People tend to categorize things as black and white, without noticing that there are still various shades of grey in between.” – “Orang-orang cenderung mengelompokkan hitam dan putih, tanpa memedulikan ada sekian banyak nuansa abu-abu di antara keduanya.” (Ibu Kurniaty Marly, guru Fisika saya di SMP Katolik Rajawali, 2004)
  20. “Sesuatu yang membuat mimpi-mimpimu yang paling kamu impikan sekalipun rasanya nggak terlalu penting, because you’ve finally found someone you want to spend your lifetime with.” (Soul Mate)
  21. “She may be my first, but she’s not the one for me. You are.”
  22. “Tidak berbuat apa-apa” saja bisa menimbulkan penyesalan. Jadi, lakukanlah hal-hal sebanyak mungkin selama belum menyesal.
  23. “What have you done to me?” | “The very same thing you’ve done to me.” ❤
  24. “What will I not give to be a happy ordinary person, even if it’s just for one day?”
  25. “Where are you?” | “In your imagination.” | “Then why are you so real?” | “What’s more real than your imagination? You made me real, in your head.”
  26. “You know, Darling, when we’re in love with someone, all his or her imperfection is still there, but you know what; we don’t give a shit about it. We don’t need any reason about why and how. Not because love is blind, but because we simply don’t care. Because somehow, that someone completes us perfectly, and we can still be happy with all those imperfection. We simply see through them, and we find something precious among the bad things, something that, somehow, makes us comfortable for just being who we are. Isn’t that enough?” (Friends With Benefits)
  27. “You’re the only one I could be open with, and still feel comfortable with afterwards.” (A Summer Love)
  28. “You’re not a choice; you’re my fate.”
  29. 1 thing I learned from Twilight: every girl wants to be Bella, while no guy wants to be Edward. That’s why we have a lot of broken hearts.
  30. 3 actions that need no reason: to love, to do good, and to pray.
  31. 3 alasan mengapa diet Anda gagal: (1) ga sadar bahwa Anda gemuk (2) Anda ga merasa gemuk (3) Anda sadar dan merasa, tapi Anda cuek saja.
  32. 3 magical words: (1) Please, sorry, thank you. (2) I love you.
  33. 3 only persons whom a woman can be truly honest to: her hairdresser, her gynecologist, and her divorce lawyer.
  34. 3 situations in which definitely make a woman fixes her hair: (1) The wind blows. (2) She meets her rival-girl. (3) She meets an attractive man.
  35. 3 suara yang membuat orang-orang menoleh pada Anda: jeritan, sendawa, kentut.
  36. A few can survive without family. A few more can survive without lover. But no one can survive without friends. (Karena Kita Teman)
  37. A life without you would be a life without sympathetic nerve – flat, boring, no ups and downs.
  38. A lot of shit happens. That’s why you have to grow mature and learn to ignore unimportant people.
  39. A perfect family, or a perfect lover, or a perfect friend, doesn’t mean that they are perfect, but they are perfect for us. A perfect family, or a perfect lover, or a perfect friend, are those who can look inside ourselves and accept the worst of us, also can reach inside ourselves and pull out the best of us.
  40. A sanguinist sees the world through Picasso’s eyes. A melancholist sees the world through van Gogh’s eyes.
  41. A scar is the proof that one of your wound has been healed.
  42. A sweet guy is everything a girl needs. Unfortunately, not everything she wants. 😦
  43. A thing you always search for, secretly beg to, love & hate, praise & curse, friend & enemy at the same time, and knows the biggest secret in your life: A WEIGHT SCALE.
  44. A true scientist is either an atheist or an over-religious.
  45. A true smart doesn’t need to show off.
  46. A woman can tell her ally or enemy from the very first sight.
  47. A woman makes a house home. 🙂
  48. A woman with a man’s mind is a gift, but a man with a woman’s heart is a disaster.
  49. A woman without mystery is really boring.
  50. Ada beberapa orang yang memang dilahirkan untuk menjadi menjengkelkan.
  51. Admitting your hatred will eventually help you get through it.
  52. Always try to find good things in others, and others will find goods in you, too. 🙂
  53. An optimist sees the world as a play. A pessimist sees the world as an irony. A realist sees the world as a comedy. An idealist sees the world as a tragedy.
  54. And as I said, some people were simply created TO TEST YOUR PATIENCE; do not let them ruin your days! You’re priceless, and they’re worthless.
  55. And you sat there, I looked into your eyes, and you looked into mine. The only difference is you don’t feel what I feel…
  56. Anda tidak akan pernah bahagia sampai Anda berhenti mengharapkan orang lain bersikap dan bertindak sesuai dengan keinginan Anda.
  57. Annoying people are just like mosquitoes; if they keep buzzing they won’t bite.
  58. As my mom once said, even burglars and thieves have to work hard to succeed in their crimes.
  59. Author is a dreamer who is skilled in writing.
  60. Ayah yang sukses adalah ayah yang anak laki-lakinya mau jadi seperti dia dan anak perempuannya mau suami dengan kualitas seperti dia. Ibu yang sukses adalah ibu yang mampu membuat suami dan anak-anaknya betah di rumah, ga suka keluyuran kanan kiri.
  61. Bathroom is writers’ sanctuary.
  62. Be careful; they might be smiling, but dying inside. I mean, dying to kill you.
  63. Beauty catches the eyes, but personality makes them stay. 🙂
  64. Beberapa orang memamerkan senioritasnya karena mereka tidak punya hal lain yang bisa dibanggakan selain senioritasnya itu.
  65. Because a single “hi” can make your whole day 🙂
  66. Because all fairytales only tell us the beautiful sides of love. They don’t tell us the hurt, the pain, the break up, and the emptiness you’d feel long after you read “The End”… (Hujan Terakhir di Bulan Maret / The Last Rain In March)
  67. Being good doesn’t always feel good, but if I could go back to the past, I’d do exactly the same.
  68. Being smart is hard. Being brave is harder. But being good is the hardest one. Because in order to be smart, you have to own your mind. In order to be brave, you have to own your own feeling. But in order to be good, you have to own both, plus heart.
  69. Berbuat baik itu ga gampang. Kadang kamu harus memaksakan diri untuk berbuat baik. Kadang kamu bahkan harus sampai rela mengorbankan kepentinganmu demi berbuat baik. Tapi percaya deh, kamu ga akan pernah menyesal karena telah berbuat baik. 🙂
  70. Best songs on earth: 1) your fave songs, 2) love songs, 3) Christmas songs.
  71. Best things in the world always come for free: love, life, friends, etc. That’s why we call them “PRICELESS”.
  72. Best way to revenge is to erase the person completely from your life. Because being ignored is worse than being hated.
  73. Boobs ( • )( • ) & butts (_ , _) won’t keep a man forever. What does is how you make them feel – a home or in hell.
  74. By choosing your enemy, you state your class.
  75. By respecting yourself, others will automatically respect you. Vice versa.
  76. Carilah selalu kekuranganmu, lalu perbaikilah; dan lihatlah selalu kelebihan orang lain, lalu contohlah mereka.
  77. CoAss: ability to sleep anywhere, anytime, in any position.
  78. Confidence: against majority to be yourself.
  79. Crying doesn’t solve problems. Think. Be brave.
  80. Crying is like taking a bath, it’s not crucial or important, but very necessary.
  81. Curiosity brings humans to Mars. 😀
  82. Cute boys mostly break girls’ heart, but gentlemen break women’s heart the most.
  83. Dan berbahagialah mereka yang bisa menertawakan dirinya sendiri….
  84. Daripada mengusir semut, lebih baik menutup toples gula rapat-rapat.
  85. Days come and go; it was a long time ago.
  86. Dear guys, you don’t have to be handsome to catch our heart. You just have to be kind, funny, and respect women.
  87. Diet is something everybody wants to have done, but nobody wants to do.
  88. Dignity is something you earned, not born with. If you put your dignity on something that can be taken from you, you’ll live in insecurity forever. Knowing that once you *tiiit* means your dignity is taken, that is silly. No one can take your true dignity, no matter what. If you put your dignity on other people’s hand, you can’t be your true you, living insecurely, knowing that they have a grip on your fate. Dignity is what inside. No matter how broken you are, how poor you are, how alone you are, you’re still respected for what you have inside. Dignity is not easily earned, and can’t be taken from you.
  89. Do good not because life, fate, or others are good to u. Do good because you are good! 🙂
  90. Do not ever give up, life has no “restart” button. 😀 Even clams have to get hurt to make beautiful pearls.
  91. Do not fall in love with face; it’s given. Fall in love with personality; it’s earned.
  92. Do not hate haters. Once in a time, try to notice how many times they smile and laugh in a day. Compare with yours. Surprised? 🙂
  93. Do not love a girl; love a woman.
  94. Do not make any excuses for bad things you MAY do in the future. Itu melemahkan iman Anda dan meremehkan diri Anda sendiri.
  95. Do something good and people will like you. Do something strange and people will notice you. Do something wrong and people will not forget you.
  96. Do you dream your life or live your dream?
  97. Do you ever think that karma is a choice? I bet it is.
  98. Doctors know the best that human brain has limit, so why the heck they keep forcing us reading pile of textbooks all the time?
  99. Doctors sacrifice their private life to save others’! #salute
  100. Doing good isn’t a must, nor a habit. It’s a passion.
  101. Dokter: menjalani hidup tidak sehat untuk menjadikan orang lain sehat.
  102. Don’t let your dreams die, by others, by fate, even by yourself. (For Those Who Have [Even The Tiniest] Dream / Untuk Mereka Yang Memiliki Mimpi [Sekecil Apapun])
  103. Don’t blame me if I’m weird; feel sorry for yourself because you’re not broad-minded enough to accept me. 🙂
  104. Envy is much worse than hate.
  105. Even in the crowd, I’d still feel lonely and miss you…
  106. Every step will take you closer, either to the hell or heaven.
  107. Every time my mom asks, “What time will you be home today?” I answered, “Now, that’s the mystery for today!” 😀 #medicallife
  108. Everything was okay before you came. Now you’re here, and my life becomes all perfect.
  109. Evidence-based: “pasuroang” dan “otak berkualitas” hubungannya adalah “OR”, bukan “AND”.
  110. Expect less, give more.
  111. Faking smile is much more easier than faking tears.
  112. Fate, chance, and coincidence have nothing to do with your life; your mindset does.
  113. Friendship: it’s something you can’t ask Google for; and something you can’t buy on eBay. 🙂
  114. Ga semua orang suka dengan orang pendiam, tapi ga ada orang yang suka dengan orang cerewet.
  115. Girls look brighter when they fall in love, but boys look sillier when they do. 🙂
  116. Girls with rude words are like smelly people – only adorable to see, not to befriend.
  117. God GAVE us life, but it’s us who MAKE our life. We are given a canvas, a brush, and paint. What have you drawn in your life?
  118. God has a reason why He put human brains on top, rather than hearts. Then stomach and genitals follow.
  119. Good books are good friends. 😀
  120. Good friends are the most precious blessings a man could have. (Karena Kita Teman)
  121. Good parents raise happy children, but bad parents raise tough children.
  122. Guard your mind well, but guard your heart better.
  123. Hal-hal besar yang keren membuat kita fall in love with someone, tapi hal-hal kecil sederhanalah yang membuat kita stay in love with that someone… :*
  124. Hanya orang-orang setengah kaya dan setengah pintar yang memamerkan kekayaan dan kepintarannya.
  125. Happiness is how much you are grateful for your blessings; sorrow is how much you despise them.
  126. Happiness is just a state of mind. So is sorrow. And laziness :p
  127. Harder problem means higher level to walk on! If God trusts you so much, why don’t you?
  128. He is so unbelievable – and so unavailable.
  129. Hell and heaven begin with the same letter; no matter how good or bad you are, it’s your next step that decides.
  130. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
  131. How I miss 10 years ago, when the hardest decision was who to marry: Karen, Popuri, Elli, Ann, or Mary.
  132. How to fight a girl: “Iya, iya…” “Iya, saya yang salah…” “Iya, kamu benar…” “Iya, kamu saya maafkan…” 🙂
  133. How to know if you’re meant for each other: just be yourself around them. If at least one of you is uncomfortable, you’re not meant to be.
  134. How to maintain a good girl-girl relationship: tell them less than what you think.
  135. I am abnormal, so are you; together we’ll make a perfect match. 😉
  136. I am happy because I don’t give a fuck.
  137. I am NOT ordinary. Who wants to be “just ordinary” anyway?
  138. I am the master of my mind… and my heart.
  139. I am the person who could always find pearls in every mud and recognize flaws in every sparkling diamonds.
  140. I believe in God, science, and myself.
  141. I believe karma is your own choice in the first place.
  142. I can’t go on without you; but you can’t go on with me…
  143. I don’t need “I can’t live without you” words. What I need is a guy saying “Of course I can live without you, but without you, my life won’t be the same”.
  144. I don’t wanna be perfect, because the moment I become perfect, I’ll lose the meaning of my life.
  145. I don’t wanna forget the hurt; I need it as I learn to move on. I just wanna forget the sweet things that keep me hoping…
  146. I don’t smile because I’m happy. I smile because it’s okay whatever you do to me, I would still love you… :*
  147. I don’t want people to like me because I’m smart or beautiful or kind, but because they already knew that I’m dumb and ugly and mean and still wanna be with me.
  148. I have stopped having type or making criteria, since all of them will be meaningless only because a simple thing called love.
  149. I just love you this much, just this much that makes me dream of you every night and think of you every second in my life.
  150. I laugh at life, and life laughs back at me. I laugh at myself, and life laughs with me.
  151. I lower my sense of humor not because I have a bad sense of humor, but simply to meet yours.
  152. I may forgive, but not forget.
  153. I thought I’ve had everything I’ve ever wanted in this world, until I met you.
  154. I want a guy who, when I told him to go and leave, sits by my side and never leave.
  155. I want someone who will stay even though I have scared them. I want someone who knows I’m not okay, yet doesn’t run away.
  156. Ide itu gampang dicari. Yang susah adalah mempertahankan dan mengembangkannya.
  157. If a girl asks you to accompany her either to: (1) beauty salon or (2) buy clothes; don’t go. It’s a trap.
  158. If an angel grants you 3 wishes, what’s the chance you’ll be saying, “I want nothing more, thank you. I’ve already had everything I want”?
  159. If girls were computers, it should be written ‘beautiful inside’ instead of ‘dual face’ or ‘care 2 make up’.
  160. If it’s to you, surrender seems like a lovely thing to do.
  161. If normal means doing everything the way other people do, thinking everything the way other people think, and be everything people set as standard, I’d rather be abnormal.
  162. If only shallow mind came with closed mouth…
  163. If people don’t like you, don’t blame those who are liked by others.
  164. If someone hates you, ask yourself what wrong you have done to him/her. If you can’t find any, you don’t even have to give a fuck.
  165. If there were love at the 1st sight, there must be hate at the 1st sight in contrary.
  166. If we are being too honest, people call us ‘haters’, but if we are not, they call us ‘hypocrites’. Awesome.
  167. If you are in a bad mood, try helping others. Guaranteed will make u feel better! 🙂
  168. If you don’t believe in your own heart, what else could you believe?
  169. If you don’t have any friend, it’s probably not them. It’s probably you.
  170. If you don’t have any friend, it’s simply because you don’t know how to be one.
  171. If you finally decide to tell someone your secret, make sure it’s not a woman.
  172. If you had to wear a price tag in your body, would you prefer an expensive price, a cheap one, a discount tag, a “free” tag, or “priceless”?
  173. If you keep talking shit, your asshole would be useless.
  174. If you truly value something, you’ll never have to ask why; you’ll just do it.
  175. If you want someone to look deep into the darkness of your heart and pull you out into the sunshine, unlock the door (to your heart) first…
  176. If you want to cry, walk in front of others; thus, no one will see your tears.
  177. If you want to dream high, make sure to bring a parachute with you.
  178. If you’ve got a problem, try to share with others. You may be surprised to find out that you’re not alone, or even luckier.
  179. If your problems are harder, it means you’re on a higher level than others 🙂 congratulate yourself!
  180. Ignorance is the mother of jealousy.
  181. I’ll never forget you; I’ll just learn how to live without you, even if it breaks my heart so…
  182. Illegal things are fun simply because they’re illegal. 😀
  183. In the end we have to accept that there are things we’ll never be able to change; not because we’re weak, but because they’re just meant to be.
  184. In the end, heroes are neither those who have the strongest muscles nor the smartest brains, but those who have the biggest hearts.
  185. It does hurt being hurt by someone we love, but it hurts more when we realize that we’ve hurt someone we love….
  186. It hurts when “being you” is not good enough anymore.
  187. It takes a zap of courage to commit suicide, but it requires a lifetime bravery to keep living on your own. (Hujan Terakhir di Bulan Maret / The Last Rain In March)
  188. It takes courage to say “yes” but it needs wisdom to say “no”.
  189. It takes two to tango; don’t judge until you’ve heard the other side of the story.
  190. It took me a long time to forgive myself, but even longer to admit that I hated myself for making the mistake. (Memang Boker Itu Bau)
  191. It took me a moment before realizing that no matter how much you love someone, it will never be enough if he/she doesn’t love you back. (A Summer Love)
  192. It’s not hard to push people away. It’s hard to let them in.
  193. It’s better if someone talks bad about you & others say “that’s not true” than if someone talks good about you & others say “that’s not true”.
  194. It’s better to regret over a wrong choice than to regret because you didn’t make one.
  195. It’s better to try and fail than not to try and regret.
  196. It’s called the first love because there will always be the second, the third, and so on…
  197. It’s fate that unites us. Is it also fate that separates us? Will we reconcile?
  198. It’s hard when you finally decide to move on then they hold you back, or when you finally decide to stay then life brings you another chance.
  199. It’s important to reward yourself once a time. Once in a time, buy or do something for yourself not because you need it or you want it, but because you actually deserve it. Pamper yourself. Once in a time, give a present from you for you. That’s how you appreciate yourself and build your self-confidence. Because if you don’t appreciate yourself first, why others should? In return, make targets for yourself and work hard to meet them. Apply the “reward and punishment” method.
  200. I’ve learned that we have to sacrifice a lot in process of being a doctor. Health, time, and memories we could have had…. That’s the f*ing price.
  201. Jadilah orangtua yang baik bagi anak-anak Anda, sebab Anda bisa punya banyak anak, sedangkan anak-anak Anda cuma punya satu (pasang) orangtua.
  202. Kalau Anda mati kiri, Anda akan digosipi sampai sekian generasi koas… (―˛―”)
  203. Kalau Anda menemukan koin emas di dalam kolam uang, itu hebat; kalau Anda menemukan koin emas di dalam kolam lumpur, itu luar biasa.
  204. Kalau Anda terlalu lurus, Anda akan sulit menempuh terowongan hidup yang berliku-liku. Be flexible!
  205. Kalau Anda tidak suka pada seseorang, apapun bisa menjadi alasan; tetapi kalau Anda suka, apapun tidak bisa menjadi alasan.
  206. Kalau orang tidak pernah curhat pada Anda, saatnya Anda introspeksi diri sebelum mengatai orang tersebut tertutup. Mungkin Anda yang ember…
  207. Kalau tidak mau sampai menjilat ludah sendiri, ya jangan meludah sembarangan. Telan saja.
  208. Karma is not about “reward and punishment”; it’s simply about balance between positive and negative.
  209. Kata-kata yang keluar dari mulut dan isi kepala berbanding lurus secara kualitas, dan berbanding terbalik secara kuantitas.
  210. Keep saying sorry while making mistake is like ordering diet coke while having double cheeseburger with large fries.
  211. Kepribadian sejati seorang residen hanya bisa dinilai dari sikapnya terhadap koas (bukan supervisor).
  212. Knowledge comes and goes; but creativity will always be yours.
  213. Koas: jujur itu menderita; kalasi itu sulit.
  214. Koas: no one cares when you’re so rajin, but everyone notices when you kabur or do some kalasi.
  215. Koas: pahlawan tanpa tanda jasa. (yang ga kalasi tentunya)
  216. Laki-laki yang terlalu banyak berkotek itu kekurangan testosteron.
  217. Let it flow; learn, learn, learn. There must be a reason. You might not know now, but someday you’ll look back and say “Thank God I was there”.
  218. Life is like a Pandora box – whenever it gives you a lot of sh*t, it never forgets to include “hope”.
  219. Life is like Twitter: sometimes you get followed, sometimes unfollowed; but the most important thing is you enjoy what you tweet! 😀
  220. Life is not about getting what you want; it’s about wanting what you get.
  221. Life is too short to be wasted in hatred, regret, and being on bed.
  222. Life won’t be interesting without taking risks.
  223. Loneliness is either you’re in the crowd but no one understands you, or they don’t accept you as what you are.
  224. Lonely is when you see someone is being cared by some other one and you realize there’s nobody out there who even knows that you exist.
  225. Love doesn’t need logic. That’s why people who are falling in love look stupid. Stupidly happy. And blessed.
  226. Love is never wrong, Sweetheart. It’s the way we love that makes it right or wrong. (Hujan Terakhir di Bulan Maret / The Last Rain In March)
  227. Love needs no reason and theory.
  228. Loving you is easy. Hating you is even easier. But I guess it’s up to me, isn’t it? (A Summer Love)
  229. Make up makes a girl pretty, clothes makes her sexy, but personality makes her unforgettable.
  230. Many people said “I love you”, most understood what they’ve said, some meant what they’ve said, but only a few kept it.
  231. Mati yang baik adalah mati tanpa penyesalan. Sudahkah Anda?
  232. Maybe I’m only an option for you, but Baby, you’re not even on my list. 😉
  233. Maybe we can heal the wounds, but the scars are still there.
  234. Maybe you don’t mind being a second, but the first doesn’t want a second one!
  235. Memang sih tidak ada kata terlambat untuk berubah, tapi tidak semua orang bisa memberikan kesempatan kedua.
  236. Men are stronger, but women are tougher.
  237. Men watch football because of the play; women watch football because of the players.
  238. Menang setelah bertempur habis-habisan memang keren, tapi menang tanpa perlu bertempur kayaknya lebih bijaksana… XD
  239. Most hardest is not the unrequited love, but to decide whether to keep hoping or to let go and move on.
  240. Mungkin aku belum tahu apa yang baik untukku, tetapi setidaknya aku tahu apa yang tidak baik untuk diriku.
  241. Music enriches soul, books enrich mind, and love enriches heart….
  242. My feelings take late onset, but long-acting. 😉
  243. My mind isn’t that stupid, but my heart isn’t clever enough.
  244. Never blame someone for love, curiosity, and stupidity.
  245. Never regret the past. Just keep the sweet memories, and learn.
  246. Never show your tears to those who make you cry. If they’re the good, you’ll only make them sad. If they’re the bad, they just don’t deserve it.
  247. No matter how hard you try to pretend that someone is nothing, you’ll know otherwise if he/she still pops in your mind on quiet nights…
  248. No matter how old a man is, he will always notice when a beautiful woman passes through.
  249. No matter how pretty or how smart you are, in the end what matters the most is whether you are good or not. 🙂
  250. No, I don’t miss you like crazy. I’m crazy enough just to miss you.
  251. Of course Harry’s the chosen one and Hermione’s the brain, but we’ll always love Ron.
  252. Oh, how I miss those high school moments, when the thickest book I had to carry around was John Echols’ dictionary set.
  253. On my epitaph: “Accept nothing but rose.” 🙂
  254. Once you experienced a broken heart, it’s never been too painful anymore. And you’ve never been too scared to try again.
  255. One doesn’t have to be an angel to do good deed, and doesn’t have to be an evil to do evil.
  256. One needs no reason to do good.
  257. Optimist: innocent until proven guilty. Pessimist: guilty until proven innocent.
  258. Orang gila di antara orang normal adalah gila. Orang gila di antara orang gila adalah normal.
  259. Ordinary 3B: brain, beauty, behavior. Perverted 3B: beauty, boobs, butts. 😀 😀 😀 Indonesian 3B: bobot, bibit, bebet.. ( •̅_•̅ )
  260. Out of the seven deadly sins, mine is Pride. With a huge P.
  261. Outer looks do attract, but character and personality make us fall in love.
  262. Paradigma umum: “Koas memang kerjanya disuruh-suruh, terima saja, itu supaya kalian tidak sombong, belajar tentang kerendahan hati blablabla. Nanti ada waktunya blablabla.” (« kutipan langsung) Dear Sir, we come to learn about being humble bukan karena disuruh-suruh, tapi karena melihat bahwa dokter yang betul-betul “hebat” sangat jarang menyuruh-nyuruh. 😐
  263. People are made one for each other, but fate is definitely flexible… 😀
  264. People are rarely grateful for their beauty until they become uglier.
  265. People can call you good or bad or whatever, but if you have to tell them that you are, then you are not.
  266. People CHOOSE what they want to believe. No need to explain.
  267. People do something good: no one notices, people do something bad: gossips everywhere.
  268. People sometimes fail in their task simply because we don’t trust them enough.
  269. People trying to destroy your dream because they don’t have one to pursue.
  270. Pertanyaan tentang “Ayam atau Telur?” kelak akan diubah menjadi “Tuhan atau Manusia?”
  271. Please understand that we cannot understand everything.
  272. Prof adalah suatu tahap di mana Anda ga perlu lagi bawa pulpen ataupun steto, tapi bakal selalu disediakan untuk Anda… 😐
  273. Prof adalah tahap di mana ketika orang-orang ga bisa membaca tulisan Anda, ga ada yang berani bertanya langsung, melainkan berusaha mencari dan menebak-nebak sendiri…
  274. Progression: imagination –> reality –> memories.
  275. Release, and you will get.
  276. Respect yourself and mind your own business.
  277. Romantic things are always impractical, but they are also worth it.
  278. Running out of tears: physically impossible, physiologically possible.
  279. See, apparently I can live without you. I just didn’t want to. I just thought I couldn’t. You make me realize that I can, and so be it. You’re my Richard Parker, and so be it. Perhaps I would never understand why, and so be it. Live, live on your own, as I will live on my own… (Richard Parker [on progress])
  280. Sekali-sekali baik juga menggali lubang untuk diri sendiri, asalkan kita mengetahui dengan tepat letak dan karakteristiknya, sehingga kita bisa melompatinya dengan riang.
  281. Semakin baik seseorang, semakin banyak pula yang akan mencela. Seperti halnya berlian dan batu kerikil: sesedikit apapun cacatnya berlian, kita akan selalu mencela; sebaliknya sebanyak apapun cacatnya batu kerikil, kita tidak akan terlalu peduli.
  282. Semakin curam tangga yang Anda daki, semakin tinggi Anda naik. Dan semakin sakit pula jatuhnya.
  283. Semakin luas pengetahuan seseorang, semakin sadarlah ia betapa sedikit yang diketahuinya.
  284. Semua orang butuh tempat sampah, tapi tidak semua orang bisa menjadi tempat sampah.
  285. Shallow mind, happy life. Critical mind, life is full of irony.
  286. Some people are worth the change. But in the end, what matters the most is: are YOU worth the change?
  287. Some people aren’t worth the explanation.
  288. Some people can see who you are inside, but only a few could understand, and even fewer would accept you as what you are.
  289. Some people just need to have a filter between their brains and their mouths. But then again, there will be no fun in the world if they had it.
  290. Some words are better to remain unspoken, and some feelings are better to remain untold.
  291. Someone from the past greets, but he’s not the one I wanna meet; so I won’t give a shit, and just keep walking my feet. 😀
  292. Sometimes best things are better to be just dreams than reality. 😥 That way you’ll wake up before getting a chance to be disappointed.
  293. Sometimes I wish to change some events in my past. But then, who knows? They might be the best ever!
  294. Sometimes it’s easier to forgive others than to forgive ourselves…. Berdamailah dengan diri kita, sebab lebih mudah memaafkan orang lain daripada memaafkan diri sendiri. (Memang Boker Itu Bau)
  295. Sometimes we have to let other people to do good things to us. It doesn’t mean that we are weak, or incapable of, or dependant. Sometimes we just have not to think that they have some other motives to help us. It’s just that we give them a chance to do good deeds, a chance to help, to give to others. Just accept their good deeds, smile, and say “Thank you.” (Just A Little Thing To Say)
  296. Sometimes you just have to separate yourself from people you usually hang around with, to realize that there’s still another worthy perspective.
  297. Sometimes you need some extra luck in this life; not because you are under-qualified, but because life is, sometimes, unfair.
  298. Sometimes your prayers are answered with the most unexpected way… 🙂
  299. Sometimes, in order to move forward, we have to take a step back, or even turn around. That’s not coward, that’s bravery. And wisdom.
  300. Sopan itu ada batasnya, tapi tidak sopan itu tidak ada batasnya.
  301. Stop pretending everything’s fine if it’s not. It’s not about being mysterious; it’s called growing up and being realistic.
  302. Studying and diet have a lot of similarities. For example, they both always start tomorrow.
  303. Sure you can make love logical, but it would be much less magical.
  304. Sweetest revenge is to make yourself as vital and important as possible, so that they can’t go on without you; then the game is yours. >:D
  305. T: Kenapa profesi dokter punya lembaga peradilan internal? J: Karena hanya sesama dokter yang mampu memahami penderitaan rekan sejawatnya… Hanya rekan sejawat yang sama-sama pernah menderita di koas, makan tidur ga benar, yang mampu memahami saat seorang dokter “agak” lalai tanpa sengaja…
  306. Taboo things to ask a woman: 1. period time, 2. BWH number, 3. body weight!!!
  307. Teacher: “Which one goes first: chickens or eggs?” | Me: “Whatever. I’m hungry anyway.”
  308. The best friend you can make is yourself; and the worst enemy you can get is also yourself.
  309. The bigger your mouth is, the smaller your brain is.
  310. The more precious something is, the more emptiness you’d feel when you lose it – simple fact, but surprisingly shocking, especially when you’re experiencing it.
  311. The more things you want, the more you can’t get.
  312. The most dangerous type of a person is the manipulator.
  313. The only difference between a girl and a woman is a broken heart.
  314. The only wrinkles I would love to have are the ones made from smiling and laughing. 🙂
  315. The shadows are darkest when we are close to the brightest lights; problems are hardest when we are close to success.
  316. The wise are those who had experience a lot, most of them are tough.
  317. There are moments when (only) words won’t be sufficient. That’s when songs, poems, and tears take roles…
  318. There are some wounds that would never been healed. Such wounds teach us the most, and unforgettable…
  319. There’s a piece of truth in every sentence I wrote, every story I told.
  320. There’s no friendship without fights. What really matters is, as long as you stay friends in the end, it’s gonna be okay. 🙂
  321. There’s nothing you could do to change other people. Either accept them as what they are, or simply remove them from your life and move on.
  322. They said first love never die. They’re right. I miss math so much right now.
  323. They said we drink to forget, but I’m drunk and I still miss you. It’s late midnight and I’ve been drinking some, hate to admit that I still miss you… (Drunk Confession)
  324. Things you will never run out of – yet you will get back in return – abundantly: smile, knowledge, and kindness.
  325. Those who are happy are those who are free to show their true selves. (Free Yourself)
  326. Those who never ride the tide will never learn how to handle the ship.
  327. Those who only sit idly don’t deserve anything.
  328. Time flows, but memories are still.
  329. Time passes; friends come and go, but true friends will never go. They either stay, or will always be there even if we don’t notice.
  330. To all people that think they’re “stupid” and “not smart enough”: do not limit yourself. Is it an excuse to do nothing and stop learning? When you say you are “stupid” or “not smart enough”, actually you disrespect yourself and make a limit for yourself. And when you set a limit for yourself, subconsciously you’ll never be brave enough to reach the limit, let alone to break it. A lot of people say they’re stupid just because they’re too lazy & ignorant to prove to themselves that they’re actually better & worth more.
  331. To think that I can hurt people only by saying a single word – or even by not saying anything… 😦
  332. To want everything you get is much more harder than to get everything you want.
  333. Today’s insight: your age determined by the amount of drugs you take.
  334. True friendship is when you’re able to know without asking “How are you?” 🙂
  335. True love is not about committing suicide when you’re being left alone; it is about how you stay strong and move on even though he left n took your smile away… (regarding “Romeo & Juliet”)
  336. True love is when you love someone not only for their perfection, but also for their weaknesses.
  337. Two things usually make us forget to be thankful: habits and routines. If we are getting used to get 1000, we’ll not be thankful for 750, even if others only get 500 and they thank God for that 500!
  338. Typical teen romance: ugly girls turn into a Cinderella for the prom, the gorgeous ex-player bf comes and greeted by the fathers. It happens in all teen movies. The only place where it doesn’t happen is in reality.
  339. Unplanned love is much more magical than all the rest. 😀
  340. Waking up is the second hardest thing in the morning. The hardest is to stay awake afterwards.
  341. We always have choices. Sometimes we just don’t want to choose.
  342. We are merely visitors in the world; why wasting time on judging others? (Stupid Standardization by Society)
  343. We live in an era where we recognize someone in real life by their pictures in Facebook 😮
  344. What happen to you, they may be fate, coincidence, or karma; but what you do to them, it’s a choice.
  345. What we believe is what is gonna happen to us. That differs positive thinkers from the negative ones.
  346. When a door is closed, another door will be open; but sometimes we’re too busy crying for the closed door to notice that another one has been opened for us. (Epilog)
  347. When a fortune teller refuses to tell you something about your future, you know something bad is on the way.
  348. When we fall in love, the world seems to fall for us; when we fall out of love, the world seems to fall on us.
  349. When you like someone, age is just a number; but when you don’t like someone, age is just a reason.
  350. When your world is like a living hell, you have no other choice than to dance in the flame. 😥
  351. Which one hurts you more: (1) “It’s not that I don’t like you; you’re simply not my type.” Or (2) “It’s not about type; I simply don’t like you.”
  352. Why are you being kind to others? (1) because you are that damn kind, (2) you don’t want to hurt others, (3) you are afraid people will hate you if you aren’t.
  353. Why be normal while you can be special?
  354. Why do I always calculate my bad lucks, and not my blessings? It’s simple: because my blessings are uncountable!
  355. Why does a backstabber backstab? Of course because you’re one step ahead!
  356. Why explain if half of them won’t believe and the other half won’t even care?
  357. Why should God make you any richer if you even won’t share what u have now? Why should fate give you any better if you are not grateful for what you have now?
  358. Woman’s intuition itu kayak Wikipedia: lengkap, (bolehlah) dipercaya, sayang ga bisa dijadikan bahan rujukan ilmiah.
  359. Women are better liars than men. Women are able to lie to themselves – and believe it.
  360. Women may forgive, but not forget.
  361. Women tend to fall in love with men they really know, while men tend to fall in love with women they hardly know.
  362. Words only matter to you under 2 condition: either they’re the truth or they’re spoken by someone you care about.
  363. Years come and go; growing old is a must, but stay young at heart, and number of age will not matter.
  364. You are so intimidating… in a lovely way.
  365. You can judge one’s character on 2 moments: when he can do nothing and when he can do everything.
  366. You can’t hurt a girl and still wanna be friends afterwards.
  367. You can’t live without logic, but to live without love would be meaningless.
  368. You can’t tell white if there were no black; you can’t tell happiness if there were no sorrow.
  369. You cannot control other’s tongue. You can only control your response towards their words.
  370. You don’t have to like everyone you meet. You don’t need any reason to dislike any people. It’s a feeling; the same with liking someone.
  371. You don’t have to win all the time. Sometimes you just need to lose, so you can learn about modesty and uncertainty of things.
  372. You haven’t left yet, but I miss you already….
  373. You know it’s going to be complicated when you start dreaming about them.
  374. You know you’re mature if you listen to your logic more than your heart, but everybody wants to be like children, who follow their heart guiltlessly; since we need logic to survive, but we need heart in order to be happy. 😦
  375. You know you’re too old when you enter a room and suddenly there’s dead silence, people thinking you’re a senior doctor.
  376. You may not be the best; there are others better than you; but you suit me perfectly. ❤
  377. You may talk, you may do anything; I watch you in silence, I make my own opinion about you. I may smile, I may befriend you, you’ll never know.
  378. You sure are giving me a hard time, but I’ll hang on because you’re worth it.
  379. You’ll simply know when you finally find the one; it feels so right just to be with them…
  380. You’re the reason why I laugh louder, cry harder.
  381. Zaman sekarang pertanyaannya sudah bukan “Apa lagi yang kurang?” melainkan “Apa sih kelebihanmu?”

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