To Love Somebody

Fate works in a magical way. We meet a bunch of people in this life. Some people are meant to just pass by, and some are meant to stay in our life forever. Some are meant to teach us something, and some are meant to learn something from us. Some will take, and some will give. Some help, and some will be helped. Some love, and some are being loved.
Some has it the easy way, some has it hard. But in the end, we’ll find that it’s all worth the fight. We’ll meet the right person at the right time and the right place. There is no coincidence in life.

People who don’t belong with us will never be ours no matter how hard we try to make them stay, and those who are destined to belong with us will be ours no matter how hard we try to resist them.

Life isn’t always happy. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices, not because we don’t deserve to be happy, but maybe because karma’s working on us.
There will be signs in our path of life; each sign will tell us either to go on, or to hang on, or to let go. It takes compassion to notice these signs, and more courage to follow them.
Sometimes people who don’t believe will tell us not to believe, they’ll say we are stupid to “follow our heart”, that we risk too much, that we’ll fail somewhere in the journey. But then, who cares? It’s not their life anyway. People don’t care. They just judge. They will judge anyway, so stop bothering every word they say and start doing things that really matter to you.

The interesting thing is, we constantly judge ourselves as well. Sometimes we judge ourselves too hard. Sometimes people judge us too hard. But sometimes, we are simply “not good enough” indeed.
We all make mistakes. Some of them are really fatal that we haven’t found a way to even forgive ourselves. Subconsciously, we think that we are unworthy of happiness. Subconsciously, we keep punishing ourselves by not letting ourselves to feel happy. We convince ourselves that we deserve to be hurt because of the mistakes we made. Question is, until when?
Stop doing that. Don’t waste your life trying to make everyone happy. It will never be enough. Do what makes you happy, because you deserve to be happy!

Forgive yourself. Learn to do what makes you happy, because this is your life and all that matters is doing what makes you feel alive. Follow your heart. If you’re still thinking about it, then it’s worth the fight. Don’t bother what people say or do to control your life. Learn to love. Learn to love yourself, and learn to love somebody who’s worth loved.
It’s important to have the ability to love somebody, but it’s more important to have the courage to let ourselves be loved by someone. Everybody deserves to be loved, but not everybody thinks they deserve it.
Are you brave enough to free-fall in love? Will you be courageous enough to let yourself accept the love you deserve? Because in order to love and be loved, we have to jump off with both feet, having faith that we will be able to fly.


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