“If your heart says ‘yes’, ‘yes’, ‘yes’, ‘yes’, and ‘yes’, but there’s one ‘no’, it’s better not to join this team. You have to be 100% sure to be joining.” – Pak Bernard Osoen, my Olympiad Math teacher in high school; if someone is still deciding whether to join the Olympiad team or not.

(In making decisions,) if you still have to convince yourself or even ask other people to convince you, it means that deep down in your heart you know there’s something amiss and your heart is telling you to stop. Don’t rush into making final decision. Follow your heart.

Do not take people’s words too seriously. Listen to them, be open-minded and take their opinions for consideration, but it has to be yourself who’s in charge. Because people can say anything they want to – it’s not them who will walk the path anyway. People will talk, they will judge, and in the end they will leave you and go on with their own life.

It’s always nice to have someone to blame for, if anything happens. It feels good to be able to say, “My life is now a mess because I did what you told me to” so the fault is not entirely yours. But is it worth it – to be in a terrible condition because of other people’s misjudgment? Personally I don’t think so. They won’t give a shit, let alone take the responsibility for you taking the “bad choice”. That’s why the final decision must be at least 51% yours.

Do not let people get too involved in your life. Be confident of yourself, that you are good enough to make decisions for yourself and be responsible for it. Have a faith in yourself. 🙂 Be brave to draw a line between your private life and your public life. Know that there is a limitation for other people to dictate you; there is a time to say, “Stop right there guys, from now on this is my personal space and you have to let me decide things for my own good.”

We may make mistakes, we all do and it’s alright. No one can escape making mistakes once or twice in their life. But how can we learn if we haven’t made any mistakes? Having made bad decisions is a way to learn what better decisions are. Know that regret from picking the wrong choice is better than regret from not taking any option at all. After all, the true lesson in this life is to learn how to make decisions on our own, and be courageous enough to walk the path.

It’s funny how people always tell us to “follow your heart” yet they mock impulsive people and worship they who use more logic in thinking.

“The beautiful thing about the mistakes we make is that they offer us the opportunity to learn.” – @TheGoldenMirror

Remember, you cannot change the world in an instant, but you can always start from yourself. 🙂



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