The Dream Diet, Marketing Technique, & Fanaticism

(OCD here refers to the “Obsessive Corbuzier Diet” by Deddy Corbuzier (@corbuzier) and not the “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”)

The OCD method by Deddy Corbuzier is booming in Indonesia; and here I am, going anti-mainstream to write my opinion about it (yet I’m advertising the program :p).

How OCD “lures” people: promoting that you can “EAT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE” and “DON’T HAVE TO DO ANY EXERCISE” yet you still can “STAY IN SHAPE”. Interested? Now that he’s got your attention, he mentioned some “rules”: window periods, fasting hours, etc, etc. Then, slowly but sure, he added some “modifications”: apparently you still have to do physical exercise in order to get maximum result! Surprise, surprise!

Kalau begitu, apalah bedanya dengan iklan promosi seperti “bebas gratis nelpon seharian” atau “bebas SMS sepuasnya ke semua operator” dsb dsb, namun ada tulisan kecil di bawah “syarat dan ketentuan berlaku”? I won’t be surprised if someday we find that OCD method’s going back to the old-fashioned diet & physical exercise. Who knows how many modifications will he add in the future?

You cannot trick everyone, OmDed…. I’d say your OCD’s good; I do it too. But to be honest, your trick is dirty. You manipulate those who are desperate to lose weight.

You see, the dirty trick is, OmDed has been already doing the OCD for months, with a great result. You can see it in his self-pictures. Then, why reveal the “modifications” one by one? Of course to catch our attention. Again, marketing technique. Indonesia. Yang penting heboh, fakta urusan belakangan. And you see, he succeeded!

Maybe it’s time to learn from people like Deddy Corbuzier, Vicky Prasetyo, about good marketing technique and how to manipulate people. And it’s time to stop believing EVERY, literally, EVERY single words from other people, and start using our logic to filter any information that’s given to us.

My dream diet: to be able to eat as much as possible, no physical exercise, and still lose weight. Does it ring a bell? Yup. The former ads about OCD.

Question is: why don’t we mind all the modifications that pop up later? One, we so want to lose weight, any way will do. Two, no one gives a shit about the process as long as the result is good. The only ones who give a shit about the processes are the idealists. (We do need some idealists in this world, after all) Plus, like everything else; ideas, beliefs, knowledge, living creatures, human being, they all need modification to survive. We all do adaptation, don’t we? OCD is, in fact, a good and healthy lifestyle for everyone.

Apakah opini saya terlalu negatif tentang OCD? I am an OCDiver myself. But being an OCDiver doesn’t mean I have to be a fanatic, does it? 🙂 You’re a fanatic if you don’t give a chance for your belief to be wrong. Being a fanatic means you kill your opportunity to get more information. Please, do pity yourself and try being open-minded. I don’t care what you believe in: God, gods, mother nature, science, or even yourself; it’s not healthy to be a fanatic. Careful; “fanatic” is only two letters different from “lunatic”.

But anyway, maybe I’m just being way too negative. I guess OmDed has succeeded in tricking me. He’s crushed my dream about “the dream diet”. 😀 Bagaimanapun juga, saya senang sih karena berat badan saya turun berkat OCD. Guess I have to say thanks to Deddy Corbuzier after all, for showing me the path…. :p


“Makanya namanya OCDivers, karena mereka langsung ‘dive‘ ke apa saja yang Deddy Corbuzier bilang.” – Wira Adinata, 21 tahun (@Wira88)


Not familiar with OCD? Here’s the link: or follow @corbuzier on Twitter


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