Some Vulgar Revelation

Why are women never satisfied with their body weight? Why do they always try and try to reduce weight? I am a woman and that’s how I feel. Don’t get me wrong; I love being myself, but there’s nothing wrong with trying, isn’t it? :p


“Untuk cewek, berapapun beratnya selalu bilang gemuk.” – Kal Festino (@kalfestino)


Here’s my (vulgar) revelation.

Body weight to women is like penis size to men. No matter how skinny a woman already is, she will keep trying to “lose some more weight”. Likewise, no matter how big a man’s penis already is, he will still feel “it’s better if mine is larger than it already is”. No? 🙂 Why is it? I don’t know either. Maybe it’s related to one’s confidence and appearance (if not performance), who knows? I will do some self-actualization, hoping I’ll get another revelation. Hahahaha….


7 thoughts on “Some Vulgar Revelation

      1. Nothing to do with vulgarity. Everything to do with satisfaction. Always wanting for more is a basic human trait, otherwise civilisation will stop evolving after the discovery o fire and wheel.


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