Ballad of the Rain

(Dedicated to Djie Lanni Anggrek Jianta, a best friend through all :))

I woke up alone; the only sound was the ticking of the raindrops hitting the nearest window
I had numerous dreams about you; why couldn’t I see your face?
There was no hand to hold; there was no shoulder to lie on; there were no kiss to blow
I was alone; I was always all alone; in the crowd I was just a face

I turned the DVD player on; “Monalisa” was playing in the background
I took a seat, and stared at the ACLS manual books spread all over the room
I opened the door; I could smell the scent of the rain and the wet ground
I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and I suddenly felt like home

I played with the raindrops; I befriended the cold; I listened to the melodic ticking
The hell with the damp clothes; with you, I would dance in the storm
Hidden in the rain, so many unspoken words; unshed tears; untold feelings
I tried to recall the sound of your voice in my scattered mind, trying to be a little warm

We’re worlds apart, but rain is always the same; is it also raining in your place now?
I let you slipped through my fingers; wait – were you even there, hmm?
And as I was standing there, in the middle of a heavy rain and the hard wind blew
The hell with the broken past; I suddenly felt like home

I let the rain muffle all the unspoken words I never dared to yell
I let the rain hide all the unshed tears I was never able to wipe
I let the rain wash all the untold feelings I could never be able to tell
I shouldn’t have fallen for you; you weren’t even my type

Am I imagining things, or are you smiling while reading this?
There were no memories to remember; we never made any, did we?
Then the cold breeze blew; I closed my eyes and felt a pure bliss
I shivered; and I suddenly felt like home.


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