The Man I Loved

You said we were meant to be
And you’d give anything for me
Being the silly girl I used to be
I believed all you promised me

I thought you were my mate
My knight in shining armor
And our story had been a fate
Oh, I’d never been so wrong before

You were the one who gave me life
And also the one who took it from me
I wonder where my senses had gone
Because now I was only all alone

I wanted to hate you but I couldn’t
For how could I hate and love at once?
Some said love is stronger than hatred
But all I had was the quiet silence

I didn’t know who was to blame
Because there’s no one but you and I
Didn’t you think it’s such a shame –
That we couldn’t even look into each other’s eyes?

I guess we just kind of stopped somewhere
And when we looked at each other
You stared at my face, and I yours
We both felt nothing and saw strangers

And then there came a day
When we went our separate ways
Never had I thought before
That I’d put the “D” in love.


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