Convos :)

“I think I am just surprised that you will like me.”
“Me too.”


“Then you will remember that there was once a guy that though never had a chance to meet, had a great impact and cared for you, and saw you as a person, liked you in every aspect, and it would have been nice if you were both in the same place.”


“I feel I care about you; that if given a chance, want to take care of you everyday for the rest of your life.”


“I like driving.”
“I noticed.”
“About 30-40 km/h. Hahahaha.”
“That’s too fast. Don’t you think it was too fast?”
“It’s because of the traffic! The traffic here is like a mess. Nobody obeys the rules.”
“Don’t drive that fast in reverse, OK?”
“So we have to be patient and very careful.”
“Yes, you should be.”


“Sorry for being like this.”
“Why be sorry? That’s who you are. It’s not right to be sorry.”


“I am not a racecar driver, honey. I’m a sportbike racer. I don’t drive. I FLY! Lol.”


“How’s the medical exam?”
“Oh, I was tested and the result is positive that I’m addicted to you.”
“Lol. That’s good.”


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