I don’t believe in coincidence. My view regarding coincidence is pretty much summed up in the following conversation between Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes.

Mycroft      :  “Oh Sherlock, what do we say about coincidence?”
Sherlock    :  “The universe is rarely so lazy.”
(Sherlock, Season 3 Episode 2, “The Sign of Three”)


However, I had a nice but weird experience – which some of you may call “coincidence”.

So one day, one of my friends wanted to give me something that everybody knew I would like. This friend of mine had specially picked this special thing for me, and wanted to give it to me once we got together. But accidentally, the “thing” was mistakenly given to another person before we met. We could do nothing, so we left the problem as it was. Lesson learned was to be more careful in the future.

Some moment later, I met the person who was mistakenly given the stuff which was intended to be given to me. We chatted a little, and out of a sudden, the person asked me if I wanted some stuff (because like I said, everyone knew how fond I was of that kind of thing), and then I was presented by the very thing which my friend wanted to give me before. You cannot imagine how surprised and amazed I was – not because there were two kind people who wanted to give me a gift they knew I would love, but because the whole sequence was a very incredible “coincidence”.

Knowing that the stuff was actually meant to be given to me in the first place, I accepted it, of course gladly. I told my friend that I finally got the stuff. Things went as they were meant to, and everyone was happy. End of story.

Sometimes, the universe works in a mysterious way. Sometimes, it cannot be explained. Some call it God’s (or gods’) work, some call it nature’s way, some call it coincidence; it doesn’t matter. One thing I learned is, whatever happens, it happens for a good reason. Sometimes we don’t know what the reason is, and maybe we won’t. But I think what important is how we grasp the whole meaning of an experience, and how we can use the “lesson learned” for the good in our life.

Was that a coincidence? I don’t know, and I don’t need to know. However, we don’t need to know everything to be happy, do we? 🙂


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