Is Life Fair?


Is life fair? A lot of people claims that life is unfair, that they have done good deeds but their life isn’t going better, or how some people get what they don’t really deserve. People talk about fate, about destiny, God’s will, nature’s way, circle of karma, etc. They believe in faith, coincidences, and cheer themselves up with the idea of miracles and happy-endings. However, this doesn’t change the fact that life has something different for each person, and this thing sometimes has no correlation with the person’s deeds. So I asked myself: how fair is that?

Then I came into a conclusion: life is only as fair as how you think it is. If you think life is fair enough, then it is; and vice versa. Looking at life is like looking at a mirror; it will reflect whatever you do. If you smile, it will smile back. If you cringe, it will cringe at you. It’s true that it’s just a “reflection” which only return what you express, and not a “real thing” which works on its own and gives you what you think you deserve; but isn’t it the true meaning of life?

If life gives you lemons, you can either be angry at life or you can enjoy the lemons. Lucky for those who like lemons, but even if you don’t like lemons, you can still make use of those lemons (such as giving them to those who like lemons 😀 ) Even if bad things happen to you, but if you CHOOSE to make something good out of it, it won’t be as bad as it seems; it will be more bearable.

The thing is: fairness is just defined by thought. It’s not justice. It’s your choice: to think that life is fair and go on contently, or being a b*tch and continuously complain that life’s also a b*tch. I, however, chose not to put too much of my thought into the fairness of life. Life can be either fair or unfair, and I decided not to give it the power to control how I see life itself, or how I live my life, or how I will respond to certain things in life. For me, it’s not the same as being ignorant; it’s just being unaffected by unimportant things which can divert you from your true purpose in living your life. 🙂


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