Point Of View

This post is dedicated to Musdah Mulia Mukmin, who told me “Saya tidak peduli bagaimana caranya, pokoknya kamu harus bikin tulisan tentang ini!” (“I don’t care how, but you must write a post about this topic!”) 😀


Today I got a chance to learn about craniofacial superimposition technique using Furue’s method. This method uses two mirrors (one two-way mirror and one single way mirror), lights, one of the deceased’s photograph, and a skull which is wanted to be identified, or matched, with the photograph. (CMIIW – I’m still new to this thing)

Here’s the rough draft of what we made this afternoon:

craniofacial superimposition(B. Scully, P. Nambiar. Determining the validity of Furue’s method of craniofacial superimposition for identification. Annal Dent Univ Malaya 2002; 9: 17-22. http://ejum.fsktm.um.edu.my/article/418.pdf)


I have to tell you it’s quite hard to find the right position for the mirrors so they can make a good reflection of the photograph that can be placed over the (image of the) skull properly.

We spent minutes to try matching the photograph with the skull. Positioning the mirrors, dimming or brightening the lights, moving the skull and the photograph, all while sitting in a chair and narrowing our eyes, trying to make the photograph “match” with the skull. It’s kind of funny, though.

Then my supervisor decided to help us; he took a position in the chair and then he said, “Oh, you have to look at it from this point of view.” We followed him, and voila! The skull matched the photograph!

Hahaha. Isn’t that amazing? We tried so hard and so long to make it work, yet the problem was solved by a simple solution: by changing the point of view.

Isn’t that the same with most of our daily problems? Sometimes we are too busy trying to deal with our problems that we forget that maybe, if we change our point of view in the first place, things would become so much different, and perhaps easier to handle.

In the end, I learned more about “changing our point of view” than about craniofacial superimposition technique. 😀 But it’s okay; as long as we keep learning something new, then no time is considered wasted. 😀


P.S. Musdah, tetaplah “paksa” saya menulis. Hehehehe…


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