A Personal Question – and A Personal Answer

Some claimed that it exist
Some stated that it doesn’t
They said it’s the beginning and the end
And that it’s everything in between

Those who believe are contented
And those who doesn’t, are not unhappy
Those who have experienced it
Have no solid proof to stand their ground

People spend their time looking for it
A very long journey called life
To find the so-called treasure
That can make their life worth living

Only a few who have tasted the true
Yet no one knows if it’s the truth
For the knowledge is too delicate
And sometimes our mind can do tricks

In the end, there are two crowds
Those who believe – and those who doesn’t
The chosen ones – and the damned ones
Or is it the damned ones – and the chosen ones?

The answer will remain unsolvable
And doubt will be the mutual enemy
And when you read this verse;
What came into your mind: God – or love?


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