Hannibal to Dexter


People like us – we are not meant to love, or to be loved, simply because we know too much about the nature of human being, thus we are denied the ability to love. We have tasted the forbidden fruit, and we are banned from Heaven for it.

We see through everyone’s mask, and we find them disgusting because they have no courage to reveal their real self, unlike us. They put on pretty disguise and cover themselves with hypocrisy, but deep inside they are hiding in the corner, afraid of the demons they possess inside. They stay in the dark and they keep away from the sun, because they are terrified of their own shadows.

Funny things – humans. They make a set of rules in attempt to control the uncontrolled – which is their nature, and we find it amusing. Too many times they try to generalize different things, only to face the truth that they can’t. They try to classify complicated things into simple categories; they define things they don’t understand out of fear of unexplainable things. They struggle to fit in to the standard made by the society, while we know every person is different in their own way. They learn how to blend in, go under the radar, in order to push their evils into the deepest corner. They resist being themselves and spend their life trying to be someone else – who we know also spend his/her time trying to be another someone else. Isn’t it hilarious?

We, however, are different kind of creatures. We are not afraid of the unexplainable. We are not scared by our demons, because we have befriended them. We embrace the darkness that belongs to us, and even under the sun, we keep walking side by side with our shadows. We never avoid the dark corners; we never hide behind a mask. We never try to tell people what to do; we never judge.  We, you and I, are proud of what we are – we will never have it any other way.

We do not need the sense of affection; that’s what makes us unique, that’s what makes us different – and strong, because we have no attachment to anything. Feelings are what make most humans fragile – they are easily manipulated, and they cloud our logical judgments. That is what differ us from them. We have different standard from any other human being, we do not simply put things into “good” or “bad”, “right” or “wrong”, because humans are more complicated than that – or should I say simpler?

We do not suffer from the lack of relationship; we have our peaceful solitude, and our best friends stay between our ears. In the crowd of people who scream about morals and laws and justice, we are the most unaffected kind of people. But, oh, how we enjoy watching them. Life is a play, and we are merely the spectators, without any desire to plunge ourselves into the drama.

Other people react to certain circumstances; we do not. We response to them. We are independent creatures and where all else is withered from change, we will be the last ones standing. And because of that, they call us “less human”. Does that make any of us any less worth living? The hell with that, we are far too ignorant to even care. There’s no need to explain ourselves, because those who need to explain are those who are uncertain of themselves.


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