A Mentality of “What Ifs?”

I was raised with a mentality of “what ifs”.

  1. “I don’t want to bring the umbrella. It’s not raining.” | “What if it rains later?”
  2. “I have prepared all according to plan.” | “What if your plan doesn’t work? Do you have another alternate plan?”
  3. “He/she said I don’t have to do anything. He/she will fix it all.” | “What if something happens and he/she can’t?”
  4. And so on.

In my life, there is always “plan B” if “plan A” doesn’t work. Or “plan C”. Or even “plan D”, “plan E”, etc, etc. My parents said, “You’ve got to know how to take care of yourself, because there will be times when there’s nobody else to lend you a hand.” Hence, came the “what ifs”. They make sure I know how to handle things when everything in my life seems out of control.

I have learned not to put (events in) my life fully into another person’s hand, because not all things are going to work according to plan, and in the end, we can only depend our life on ourselves. Good things happen, so do the bad things. Miracle happens. Bad luck happens. Coincidence happens anyway, despite me not believing in it.

This is not being pessimistic; it’s called being realistic and independent and responsible.


My Professor said, “In life, we always need a little push.” He said that if we are asked whether we are ready or not, most of the times we will not be ready. Therefore, we need something that forces us to step out of our comfort zone and go forward. Those are the “little pushes” in life, because spending too much time in the comfort zone is lethal.


Louis Pasteur once said, “Chance favors only the prepared mind.” There is no such thing as coincidences (personally, I don’t believe in them). So, next time you feel this “little pushes” in your life, don’t rush into turning them down; take the chance – but make sure you bring the following alphabet with you, just in case your “plan A” doesn’t work. 🙂

How many times have we turned down a challenge simply because we are too lazy to improve ourselves?

How many times have we ignored a chance simply because we are too busy enjoying the mediocrity?

How many times have we refused a change simply because we are too afraid to get out of our comfort zone?


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