Everlasting Essences: About The Change Of The Title

Nope, you did not stumble into the wrong site. This blog is formerly known as “Renungan Angkot” and has recently been changed.


I decided to change the website name from “Renungan Angkot” (Musings in Public Transport) to “Everlasting Essence”.


In English, my name means “everlasting essence”, where Sari means “essence” and Lestari means “everlasting”. (That’s the free translation, though – I kinda like it. 🙂 )

Then again, why?

Well, let’s just say that my ego is getting bigger… 😀

I have some reasons for the change.

First is that I write both in Indonesian and English, and I have got readers from both languages, while the blog’s title was in Indonesian – I think it’s a bit inappropriate, since my English readers will probably have no idea what the blog’s title was about (although I used to explain it in “About” section, not all people bother to read it).

Second is, I realized that the writings I have posted on this blog site are already more than just my “musings in public transports”. They have become more wide-ranging than that. To be honest, I didn’t know I would have gone this far in making this blog site – I think I have surprised myself. Therefore, I felt that the name “Renungan Angkot” is not suitable for my blog anymore. Cocky enough? Maybe. 🙂

Anyway, “Everlasting Essence” seems like a good name after all. Everyone wants to make something that lasts, something that represents them, something that reminds people of them, even after they have gone. So, this is it for me: the essences of my thoughts, my heart, and my soul, written into numerous posts that will last even after I have gone. This is reason number three.

I truthfully felt kind of sad having to change the title. I have been using “Renungan Angkot” since 2011 and changes always feel weird; but like the philosophical sayings, that attachment only brings suffering, hence I changed the name.

Thank you.


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