The Darkness

I am a piece of darkness;
Who knows nothing of light
A sanctuary in the deepest corner is mine
Where everything remains the same
Time for me does not pass
The sand does not go down the sand-clock
Secret whispers are buzzing quietly
Sealing me in the destined fate

I am tired of darkness
But I don’t belong to your world
The vivid light blinds my eyes
And I am not accepted by angels
They despise me: who comes from the darkness
For I have sinned against their god
And I will never be forgiven
Because I am not one of them

Are you an angel? Why are you so bright?
Please do not ask me to switch world; I am afraid
Heavens are full of the kind of yours
And I will only be a lost soul in there
Because no one will understand
What it feels like
To spend your days in the dark
And to think that it is the safest place you can get

I wander in between
Since I left the darkness behind
And I don’t know where to head;
I have never known any place ever since
Will you lead me? Where to?
I should not have a company
But it feels nice to have you by
Must I prepare for the time to say good bye?

Oh! How I never want the time to fly!
Because I fear of what might be ahead
Since your eyes might be cold once more
And I will be alone again
I won’t dare to look behind
For I know there will be no shadow attached
For even if I am walking towards the light
They will always remind me: I am the darkness itself.


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