Greetings, Warriors!

Do not ALWAYS wait for when we are ready. If we always wait until we “think” that we are ready, we’ll end up wasting most of the opportunities that knock on our door.

Chance often comes in a stealth mode; it creeps in the background, pops up unexpectedly, and then announces, “Hey, here I am, whether you’re ready or not, make your decision!” Most of the times, it won’t give us the time to fuss around, it’s either we give it up or give it a try. Always be prepared, and have the courage to step out of the comfort zone.

Some people will try to talk us out of the risks. They would say, “It’s already good enough – what you have now. Why risking it for something unpredictable?” But I tell you, brave warriors always strive for progress. They don’t back out only because of fear for something unknown. It’s not about “stay safe and live or die trying” because those options were never there from the first time. It’s about “take the adventure and make the life worth living”.

Every road can bring us to someplace: it might take us forward or backward, nowhere or everywhere, getting lost or being found; but idle feet won’t get us anywhere. Brave warriors choose to take the step and risk themselves to get lost over and over again, rather than to stand still and experience nothing. In the end, however good or bad the road they took, there will always be lessons to learn.

Comfort zone is the real trap. Comfort zone, which manifests mostly as habits and routines, can delude us to think that doors for opportunities are already closed for us, that we have already reached our limits. And those who dare not to pursue the path will say, “I was not meant to have adventures. Chances never came to my door.” Hence they sit on the corner, feeling safe, admiring the brave warriors and spending their life wondering why they were never bold enough to take the same journey as the brave warriors did.

In the end, when the brave warriors come home from their adventurous journey, covered with dirt and sweat and battle wounds, they will say proudly, “I don’t have to bear such wounds, because I was clever enough not to dare the challenges.” But their eyes won’t contain the same twinkle as the eyes of the brave warriors do, and their stories won’t be told as the stories of the brave warriors will. Poets won’t make them heroes in their ballads, children won’t shout their names in role-playing games, and their legacy won’t last as long as the brave warriors’ do.

In every person’s life story, there are always “Once upon a time…” and “The End.” What’s in between, it’s up to us. Will you make yourself the brave warriors, or will you spend your pages being a background character in another person’s book? The choice is, and always be yours.

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Do not fret if life constantly tests you and do not whine that you “can never get enough time being in the comfort zone”. Embrace the challenges and take the chances, because change always means progress.


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