Book of Life

If each of us has a book in which our whole life is documented in pages and chapters, and if your book is being written as you are reading this:

1. Are your previous chapters already good enough to read?

2. What kind of story do you want to be written in the next chapters?

3. What would you do to make your whole book worth-writing and worth-reading?


3 thoughts on “Book of Life

  1. A very thought provoking set of questions. They prompted me to think carefully about how I should answer them, especially because I feel content with my previous ‘chapters’ but concerned about how I will write my next chapter(s). As indeed I am presently (re)writing my previous chapters in book form and pondering what might be in the next, your questions are highly relevant and timely for me.
    As for the third question, I may have to let others decide, assess me on merit and in the context of my time. The answer to the third must be something greater than just the sum of all foregoing chapters and must culminate in a exemplary package of life’s deeds and achievements. I have a way to go yet so the next chapter must count.

    As a final thought, as we write the next chapter in our lives we should reflect on the previous chapters and strive to surpass them in merit.


    1. Hi Om Peter,
      Thanks for commenting.
      I wrote this as a reflection for myself as well. What inspired me was the “Game of Thrones” series, where there’s a book about brief explanation of each character. One of the main character only had about half a page of himself, while he was thinking he had done much more than that, so he was kind of shocked.
      That was when I thought, if I had a book about me, if we all had a book for each of us, would we be surprised – either in a good or a bad way – about what had been written about us? And then came these questions. πŸ™‚


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