How to Survive Discrimination

If you are being discriminated for some reason, complaining won’t do you any good. When you are required to achieve the result of minimum 80% while others are only required 70% as minimum standard, then quit whining and put a lot of effort into it instead.

Work, work harder and make that 80% as your regular standard. Sooner or later, you will find joy in doing so. And finally the day will come when someone notices your effort and the discrimination will no longer prevail – because discrimination never lasts.

One day, you will realize that you are finally accustomed to always perform to minimum 80% while others are still struggling to achieve the 70% standard. That’s when you know that all your effort has finally paid off. And when the time comes, you will hold all the aces in the society.

Effort is what we have to put between hope and result.


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