Some Five-Liners to Share


No one has seen a girl that’s so fair
Such a wonder it’s no shame to bare
But she has cut her long beautiful hair
And she locks herself in a tower with no stair,
so she’s condemned to eternity with no one to pair.


In a lovely afternoon, I sat on an armchair
It was tea time, I was ready to eat an eclair
But I suddenly choked and began to swear
About the undying love I used to declare
When my husband found out about my affair.


An old king sagged on his chair
Waiting for an unborn heir
Within the countless days of prayers
No one could go anywhere
Since there were wars to prepare
His beard used to be a red flare
He had fulfilled all his share
And so, he waited in despair
Secretly wishing he was the one to spare
From the crown someone had to wear

The queen cried and gasped for air
For she got no child to bear
And no little princes to take care
Oh, she wailed, why is life so unfair?
But to curse she did not dare
No more tears to weep, no more clothes to tear
Since all she’s got was only death glares
All that was left was only creepy mares
So into the emptiness she could only stare
And retreated into her solitaire.


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