We crossed paths and we burned bridges
We took the road hoping to find a mutual destination
But where did it all go wrong, baby?
We are heading nowhere yet we can’t go back no more


Standing at the center of the crowd
Looking into many familiar faces
Yet not any that I could recognize
What am I doing here?
Bumping with many strangers
Staring into pairs of empty eyes
I am lost
I am lost


Feeling so safe whenever you’re around
But I do not know you, do I?
Late conversations past midnights
Were they real, or just my imagination?


What is the purpose of life?
We were all born to die
No one knows the beginning and the end
And we are already lost in between


Stuck at a cross-junction of a long journey
Where nothing’s left and nothing’s right
I couldn’t go back where nothing exists
The only way is to go ahead, where nothing’s certain


Have you ever felt so lonely in the crowd?
When you hid not because you didn’t want to be seen
But because you couldn’t stand seeing what’s happening around
“Burn! Burn!” They all said
The little girl had lost her voice
They took it with them when they killed her dreams
All because they chose not to see what they didn’t want to see
Have you ever felt so lonely in the crowd?



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