Why did nobody dare to call Voldemort by his name? Was it simply because of fear?

“Fear of a name increases fear of a thing itself.”
– Albus Dumbledore

Originally, it’s because of the Taboo curse. Taboo curse is a spell which is designed to track the location of the speaker when a specific word is spoken. In this case, the specific word is “Voldemort”. He put the spell on his name, thus the location of whoever said his name will be known immediately. The speaker will be “visited” by the Death-Eaters, or worse, by the Dark Lord himself.

After a long time, the real reason is forgotten. Instead, people avoided using his name because of pure fear and horror, without realizing the existence of the taboo curse. Time and ignorance have hidden the truth.


I cannot help but associate this phenomenon with our daily life. How many “taboo” things we choose not to talk about just because they are considered “taboo”? But why and when did they become taboo? No one knows, and the reasons remain unclear.

How many “Voldemort” we have nowadays – the stuff we are told not to question simply because “it’s improper to discuss”? Are we just like all those people, who follow the rules simply because we are told so, without even demanding an explanation?

Do not fear to question; fear the inability to question.


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