The Morning After Pills

Saying sorry is not your personal stock of morning after pills.

You cannot easily apologize every time you feel sorry and keep repeating your mistakes, just like you cannot always take the morning after pills every time you’re being careless the night before just because it’s easier – one time they will fail you; you’d better use a protection before doing some stuff, not after.

If you did wrong to someone, you don’t simply apologize and forget your mistakes; you make amends. Absolution doesn’t always work in real life; you make scars in people’s life, just like they make scars in yours. You’ve got to make some effort to prove that you’re truly sorry for what you’ve done, and you don’t repeat the mistake over and over again.

However, the simpler way is to do no wrong to anyone – although this is also kinda hard to apply in real life. The thing is, always think before you do anything: the consequences and how people would feel about it.

Wise people know when (not) to take their morning after pills. 🙂


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