A Short Note about Why I Am What I Am

In life, you will survive as long as you hold on to your logic; do not bound yourself with tradition or else just because someone told you so or because it’s been done for a long time. Always think for yourself.

That’s what my father said to me as we were having dinner tonight, and that was when I understood why I am a free thinker. While my mother is more practical, my father is more of an idealist, but I guess as he grew up and saw the reality, he slowly becomes a realist.

While my mother is the more flexible one, my father is the one who always asks “What if?” to prepare me to face the worst possibility in life. You can depend on him to think of the worst and unthinkable scenario that could happen anytime. Some might say he is difficult, but I like who he taught me to be, so I’m not complaining much.

Conversations with my father are mostly about concepts and ideas, such as development of sciences, the evolution theory, politics, or human history. He isn’t the one who talks much, and he avoids parties and crowds. He said he has no clue about arts and music, but I sometimes caught him humming. He was the one who sang me to sleep every night when I was a baby. He, just like me, isn’t a religious person. He underestimates people who use feelings too much to decide something. He only accepts facts, and he won’t believe anything that has no solid proof. He doesn’t believe in superstitious thing, even though he still believes in lucky numbers.

He never complains whenever I ask him to pick me up anywhere and anytime when I was still working on the hospital, and he’s always ready to take me anywhere as long as he can. He sometimes acts upon pure instinct (as he said once, humans are just animals that evolve to be a little smarter) but basically, he is all logical. He wanted to be a doctor, but due to some administration problem at the time, he couldn’t. That’s why he pursued me to be one.

As I am writing this, I realize that apparently I don’t know my father that much to profile him correctly, so this is just how I see him. I am training myself to observe people without judging, and for now, this is what I can do. The main thing is, I am very grateful to have parents who encourage me to be independent in character and in mind. No one is perfect, thus no parent is perfect, but I guess it is always up to us to see the perfect things in their imperfection.


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