Soliloquy: The Scriptwriter


There are three things that will always be debated endlessly in human’s existence: love, politics, and religion. These three things hold the most power in human’s life; humans live by these things as principles and they love being controlled by them.

One must admit that greatest wars in history have been called on upon one of these three things, and sometimes, the combination of them. They mostly disguise themselves as peace, but no one can have a war for peace, because wars never bring peace and peace can’t be born through wars.
People kill people for love or politics or religion, and in the end, no one’s winning. It’s only a great loss for humanity.

As time goes by, love, politics, and religion take turn to step up on the stage and into the spotlight, while the society is being amazed by the fake greatness of them all.

An idealist admires love and hates politics; an opportunist befriends politics and manipulates religion; and a hypocrite teaches religion in the name of love. An optimist sees the good in them all, and a pessimist knows only to whine. An apathist doesn’t give a f*ck, while a realist takes a step back and recognizes all the actors; he doesn’t want to be led on by the act.

The rest, people who only follows and does not think, are the audience, fighting for the front row tickets, while love, politics, and religion take place on the stage.

These people cheer when love wins and cry when love being sacrificed; they boast about the best political tactics and curse when they feel tricked; they kneel and pray when their gods talk and condemn those who don’t believe.

While I – I sit on the back rows, and they make me chuckle. I sit on the back rows and I can see the gap between the curtain, I can see the stage door where love and politics and religion enter the stage after putting on different disguises. I can see how they love being on the stage, being at the center of attention, while the lovers and politicians and priests play their roles. I can see how they persuade the audience on the front rows and watch them fighting over them with arrogance in their eyes.

The actors have become the audience, and the audience have become the victims. Love, politics and religion; in the end they only bring blood, tears, hatred, hypocrisy, despair, and chaos.

I, on the other side, sit on the back rows and watch. This amuses me, because they are so blind that they forgot the essence of love, politics, and religion. They have been so blind that now there are no more shepherd among them; there are only lambs, and all of them is lost without knowing that they are being lost.

I sit on the back rows and watch. This amuses me – I, the scriptwriter.


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