I Saw A Girl Crying

I saw a girl crying
A beautiful drop fell from her eyelashes
Along her cheek
Paused for a moment on her chin
And to the earth

“Why are you crying?”
“Because you don’t.”

She wiped her tears
And stared at her now wet finger
A graceful sorrow in her look
But that didn’t stop
More tears from coming out of her eyes

“Why are you crying?”
“Because I feel.”

There was a tug at my heart
That made me want to hold her tight
But I knew I couldn’t
Because I’d become numb
And she was so far, far away

“Why are you crying?”
“These are your tears.”

That made me stop, aghast
I looked down at my fingers
Which now had traces of dampness
And so I looked at the girl in the mirror
Who stared back at me with sadness in her eyes.


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