Contemplation of Human

Some searches for diamonds and gold;
At night they have no one to hold
Some murders for fame and name;
To show mercy, ‘tis a shame
Some just tries their best to be so bold;
A man who could endure rain and cold
Some only wants to be in the game;
For them, in wars no one was to blame

Some takes joy in lust and passion;
But they forget about compassion
Some hides behind cries and tears;
Because their story is full of fear
Some builds several huge mansions;
They would happily die in fashion
Some talks but nobody seems to hear;
For it’s so lonely they have no one near

Why are humans so hard to satisfy?
I don’t find answers, even if I try
They spend forever only to defy;
And they get everything only to deny
I keep asking myself why;
But I cannot bring myself to tell a lie
So that left me with a sigh;
And I’m just stuck staring at the sky.

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