The Freedom of A Child

A child is always curious. A child questions everything. A child has enthusiasm in knowing more and more every day. A child does not hesitate to ask, no matter how bold or how silly his questions might be, because “silly” and “inappropriate” are terms made by adults. A child is free because he is not bound by rules and standards made by society. A child has little experience but is wise in his own ignorant way, because he is able to observe without judgment. A child knows neither heaven nor hell; he is everything in between and he is okay with that, because he values life for the sake of life itself.

That is why the most interesting questions often came from children’s mouth. That is why children are the ones who enjoy life the most. That is why the joy of children is the purest and the most contagious happiness in the world. And that is why there are times in which we long to go back to the childhood over and over again, because sometimes we miss such kind of freedom.


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