some musings while waiting for the flight

walking along the crowded corridors
so many people yet no one to recognize
strangers were everywhere and I was alone
feeling so lonely being in the crowd

looking into a mirror and seeing an empty face
the expression was so familiar yet indescribable
what was that – a longing for the past,
or was it a yearning for the future?

this is the path I have chosen to walk on
there’s still turning back, but I know I wouldn’t take it
even with the demons and the craps
this is my kind of “the road less traveled”

why is it that in this place,
no one is living the present?
everybody is either reminiscing the past,
or daydreaming about the future

baggage and luggage
arrivals and departures
hugs and kisses, cigarettes and cups of coffee
airport is one of the loneliest places I’ve ever known.


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