Those Who Need Our Smiles THE MOST :)

Oh. Not only smiles. Also warm greetings with a kind tone of voice! 🙂

Supir angkot (public transport drivers).
Our waiters and waitresses.
People who work at customer service.
Cleaning services.
Valet services.
Cashiers and shop assistants.
Security guards.
Our housemaids and baby-sitters.
Juru parkir (people who help you park your vehicle [parkers]).
Penjaga loket parkir dan karcis tol (what is the English translation for this? :p – people who work at highway gates or parking lot to collect the tickets).
Penjaga loket penitipan barang (also, I don’t know the English term :p – they are people who work at the counters where you can safely put your stuff [e.g. grocery bags, jackets, helmets] for a while before entering a store, since there are some stores in Indonesia that don’t allow the customers to bring too many stuff into the stores).

Sometimes, just because we pay people for their services, we forget that they are humans with jobs/professions, and not the other way around… 🙂

Grumpy people we meet randomly on the street.
Elderly people. ANY elderly people.
Children. Children ALWAYS need our smile.
Homeless people.
Stray dogs.

Those who are on the background, those who we notice the least in our daily life, are those who need our smiles the most… 🙂

And the last, the most important person in our life, who needs to be reminded every single day about how beautiful his/her life is, the person whose day we can make brighter simply by smiling at him/her, is…

…that guy/girl who looks back at us from inside the mirror. 🙂



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