The Strive For (Better) Humanity

There are some sad moments I have been thinking of.

I struggle to cut off my food because I want to reduce my body weight, while there are people out there who struggle to find something to eat every day. I go jogging and do physical exercises to keep in shape while there are people who have to run and hide and sweat just to keep living and protect their life. I watch horror movies because I crave for the adrenaline rush, while there are people who would give anything just to live out of fear.

I make plans for weekends and holidays, while there are people who don’t even know whether they would survive until the next day. I boast about global warming and climate changes, while there are people who cannot afford proper education. I sit here and press “like” and “share” to show the world that I care about those people who are starving and fighting for their life, while said people have no idea what social medias are.

At times like these, I truly feel disgusted with myself.

Human trafficking. Prostitutions. Child abuse. Domestic violence. Bullying. Starving. Depressions. Suicides. Rape. Abortions. Discriminations. Poverty. They are the silent killers of the humanity.

Those things never seem so real for us because they do not happen to us. We heard about such things on TVs. We read about them in newspapers and magazines. And we thought that we already knew about their sufferings because we have heard it and we have read it somewhere, but we didn’t. We thought it was enough. It was not.

We thought we already cared because we have hit the social media buttons, because we have prayed for them, because we have cursed humanity for being so cruel. But the truth is, we never changed anything.

There are lots of times when we lose our faith in humanity – but why should we? As long as we are still breathing and doing something to break the cycle, there will be hope. We should not lose faith in humanity, because there are people who are doing something good out there, and why can’t it be us?

I believe in humanity. I believe that every person has good sides in him/her, and sometimes it just takes a little push to initiate the good sides. I know I have done something good other people don’t know about, because I don’t have to tell everyone every time I do something good. So why not thinking the same about the others? People do good things every day. Just because we don’t know about it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t actually happen. Everyone has good sides we know nothing about, and that alone is enough as a reason not to lose faith in humanity.

As long as we still care, there is hope. As long as we do something, there is hope. We should not disappoint the older generations by showing them that this world is worse than theirs. We don’t want to leave a bitter world to our children. This is our legacy – to make a better world for everyone, despite all the differences that are carried in our genes.

Little good things might go unnoticed, but it won’t make them any less real. Everyone could do something good for this world, and I believe that if we do not give up, there will always be hope for humanity. We must not lose faith in humanity, because we are humans, and it is in our nature to protect humanity. We. Will. Not. Lose. Humanity.

In the end, I finally understood what Gandhi meant when he said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Spread love not hate. Speak truth not lies. Build trust not fear. Make peace not war. Encourage understanding not ignorance. Do good things – no matter how tiny, and watch as the world turns to be better.


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