Closing 2014

Recently, I finally decided to let go of some negative people in my life. I decided to unfollow and hide some accounts from my social media timeline. These times had been rough, and I realized that the negative posts from negative accounts have affected me more than I thought. I became grumpy, reactive, bitter, and rude towards other people. And I wasn’t happy with that. I could feel there were seeds of anger and hatred in my heart, and I wasn’t proud of them.

I thought it’s okay to befriend negative people as long as we are able to distance ourselves from their influences – but maybe I am not ready for that level yet. Negative people – they make me tend to be more negative, and I don’t want that. I don’t want negative people and negative influences in my life. So I unfollowed and hid their posts.

That was the easy part, because it happens on social media. The difficult part is to avoid negative influences in real life. You cannot unfollow people in real life. You cannot hide their words and actions, and you cannot unfriend every negative people in real life, because you will lose a lot of friend. Negative people are not always negative; it’s just a phase in everyone’s life. Sometimes we’re being positive, sometimes we’re being negative, and so on. It’s unfair to judge people at one time, and stick with that judgment for the rest of their life, because people can change. So do we. We can only try our best to be more positive each day.

I have encountered a number of negative people in my life, and on my observation, people act and think negatively because they have a negative point of view for everything. They see other people negatively, they see their surroundings and the world negatively, and almost in all cases, they see themselves also negatively – and it makes me sad. One usually expresses negative thoughts or actions or feelings because they have a negative insight about themselves, so they project their anger and hate to the world outside them.

The Buddha once said, “You cannot make other people happy before being happy yourself.” I used to disagree, because one of my friends said, “One can always make others happy, no matter how unhappy he/she is.” And I agreed with my friend. However, this incident made me think that maybe the happiness according to the Buddha is something such as a positive state of mind. Perhaps he meant that happiness is more than just a feeling – it’s a positive and peaceful state of mind and consciousness, and we cannot make people happy if we’re in a negative state of mind, because being in a negative state of mind will also affect other people negatively, just like Einstein said, “Problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them.

It’s been roughly 24 hours since I get rid of those negative people in the virtual world, and I’m already feeling so much better and happier. Apparently, I am not resistant yet to negative surroundings. I thought I have been desensitized. I was wrong. 🙂

It’s December and 2015 is coming soon. I hope I could end this year positively, and start the next year also positively. I will embrace every positive thing that comes to me, and I hope I could be positive enough to help the negative people around me, so that they could be more positive in the future.

Happy Holiday, guys! 🙂


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