Extraordinary Dreams

Last night I had a talk with Om Peter and we talked about what I want to do in the future. We talked about dreams and ideas and what to do with my life. We talked about passions, plans, and how we should explore and discover the best part of ourselves that could be most useful for us and humanity.

Long story short, he told me one thing I would never forget: “Try to do something that could impress even yourself.” To be honest, I have never thought about it. All this time I only focused on doing the thing I like, the thing I want to do with my life, the thing I thought would be most helpful for most people. I admit that something I do things to impress other people, but I have never thought to impress myself.

What he said made me realize that that is the most important thing: how far could we surprise ourselves by doing something we never thought we could do? Impressing other people is quite easy, but impressing ourselves is harder, because no one walk in our shoes but us – no one knows the ups and downs, the struggle of heart to fight for our dreams, and the efforts to make it happen, better than ourselves. All this time we limit ourselves by trying to rationalize ourselves and our likely-impossible-dreams, and by doing that, we trap ourselves in the comfort zone and kill our dreams slowly. We teach ourselves to be satisfied with what we’ve already got, and we tell ourselves that this life, this safe-and-sound life we already have, is too good to risk by chasing our dreams.

I once read a line said, “If your dream is still on the catalogue and can be bought, you need to find another dream to pursue.” Lots of people dream to get buyable stuffs, they want to buy houses, jewelries, expensive cars, etc, and that is okay with me. I respect everyone’s dreams, but that would be sad if they stop at such dreams. Everyone could buy expensive stuff, as long as they try hard enough and not giving up – but not everyone could do something that is worth-remembering even after they die.

Another line said, “If your dream is already on your to-do-list, it means you have a good progress, but it also means you have to find another dream to keep you motivated.” Om Peter told me that we have to set our main goal, and then make some ‘checkpoint’ along the way to make sure we are heading to the right direction, that is the bigger plan a.k.a. ‘the real dream’.

Do not be afraid to dream the impossible. Do not be afraid to dream the unthinkable. Have faith in yourself. Keep going and ignore the haters. Of course there will be obstacles, but what’s the fun in life without little obstacles here and there? A worth-chasing dream is a dream that turns us masochists; it makes us keep going no matter how hard the journey would be – we won’t mind all the pain it causes us, because we enjoy every second and every step we take, because we know that in the end of the journey, we won’t regret anything we have sacrificed to make our dreams happen. The journey is already the reward itself, and the dream is the pinnacle that makes us proud of being us.

This is my Christmas present for you all; a post I hoped could give you positive energy, and the courage to defend and pursue your dream, so that you can be the best of you, and together we will make the best out of humanity.

Merry (Early) Christmas and Happy (Early) New Year and Happy Holiday! 🙂


(via @Inspirationals on Twitter)

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6 thoughts on “Extraordinary Dreams

  1. Very inspiring post, I just would add that consciously trying to surprise yourself is quite hard I think. The times that you surprise yourself are when you are suddenly put in an extreme situation and you see what you are made of, either you overcome or you perish.(Talking from my personal extreme experience) And those situations normally come without you actively trying to seek them, for the most part anyways. And that is the beauty of it, since if you consciously try to surprise yourself by default you are not surprising yourself since you yourself are the one who chose to be in that situation not the reverse of the situation finding you and how you would react to that situation.

    Be the light….. I like that for to do list. Great post, very inspiring.


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